A Review Of The Newest Stamina Magnetic Resistance Bike – The Magnetic Fusion 4545 Exercise Bike

When a new product hits the market it is easy to wonder how people can review it when it has not been around long enough. There are already several models in the Stamina magnetic resistance bike line, so what is one more? If you think about the model name, Magnetic Fusion 4545, you will see that fusion is the key difference. What this bike does is combine the technology from the feel of a traditional upright bike with the ergonomic comfort of a recumbent bike. This review will point out some of the main features and what is new and what seems to be the same as all the rest.

When you look at a picture of the Stamina Magnetic Fusion 4545 model, you can see how the blend of upright and recumbent was accomplished. The seat is higher and almost but not quite straight. However the pedals are still further away like you see in the recumbent bike that will let you stretch out to the fullest degree. They are able to do this by the adjustments they have put into the seat, that will move you to the point where your hips and joints are perfectly aligned. What you will be able to do is get the most effective push on the down stroke and resistance from the upstrokes. This seems to be the primary difference between this bike and any other magnetic resistance bikes.

Stamina company itself has their own InTone electric monitor which they put on many of their indoor bikes. They call it a simple one touch approach that keeps track of all the data like time, distance, speed and calories burned. Anyone who is not part of the LCD touch pad craze, can get thrown off by all the different things to push on the fancier LCD touch pad monitors you often see in the high-end machines commonly used in fitness centers. So for many people this one touch screen in this Stamina magnetic resistance bike will be a huge plus. Others would prefer the more complicated data tracking.

When thinking of the features of this bike it is important to remember this is a low-end, lower priced level, and the expectation should never be that you would get the same bells ans whistles that are on the mid and high-end models. You simply need to compare features between the models and choose what fits your needs the best. Some may prefer the lighter weight machines, others may want a full recumbent bike where you are in a fully relaxed position. Either way taking a look at the new Stamina magnetic resistance bike, the Fusion 4545, should be part of your research mix since it just like all the rest, but with the fusion twist.

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