Beginner Motorhome Buyers, What You Need to Know

A motorhome is not like having a standard vehicle. It requires a big financial commitment and so when it comes to insuring the vehicle you want to make sure you buy a high quality policy that covers all your needs. As you will be traveling around in it, one of the most important things to consider is what replacement cover is offered in an accident/breakdown, as well as any alternative accommodation.

Following on from this you need to check exactly how much you are entitled to claim for personal belongings in the event of theft or an accident; some companies may entice you with a cheap quote but not offer you the cover that you will need to pay for replacements. So do compare cover levels and read the policy wording in detail to understand what you are going to be insured for. Do not forget that if you use your motorhome abroad to check how much continental cover you are entitled to from a company, as they do differ.

Know clearly your mileage as some companies set a limit and check how old the vehicle is as this can determine the premium cost. If the motorhome has been modified or converted always try to have it done professionally, confirm change to the DVLA and obtain an engineer’s report – this can sometimes save you money as some insurers will not then charge a premium for a modified vehicle. In terms of saving money as a new motorhome buyer, being an experienced driver will always be in your favour.

However, various other cost cutting ideas are: Selecting a limited annual mileage; having a security device such as an immobiliser fitted; parking sensors for safety; secure storage; and belonging to a motorhome club. Also, if the vehicle is a particular model or import, consider going to a specialist company, as this could save you money on your overall premium.

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