How Hydrogen Conversion Kits Are Evaluated

I know you have seen the advertisements in all the media about hydrogen conversion kits and have heard all the hype about how this kit is better than that kit… and on and on and on it goes. And then they start talking about some kits being more highly rated than others. Have you ever wondered how they evaluate some of the products we use? Do you know what criteria were used to evaluate these kits? Let’s talk briefly about some of that criterion.

Some of the Criteria Used

  • Consideration was given to whether the kit was mechanically sound enough to allow daily use of the vehicle with a high degree of dependability. This is certainly an important consideration. You don’t want to install one of these kits and then get stuck away from home because your car won’t run.
  • The kit had to provide a noticeable increase in gas mileage and money savings. Why would you want to go to the trouble and expense of purchasing and installing one of these kits if you can’t expect at a reasonable savings in both money and gas mileage?
  • They sought an inexpensive hydrogen conversion kit guide that had easy to follow instructions. The goal here is to make putting a kit on your vehicle as simple as possible without having to spend more of your hard-earned money to pay an automotive mechanic to install it on your vehicle.
  • Consideration was given to the resulting cleaner emissions to help clean up the environment. Not only can these kits help you save fuel and reduce the money you spend on fuel, they can also help provide cleaner air for all to breathe.
  • The kits were evaluated for the ability to produce the maximum amount of hydrogen possible. Everyone wants and needs to get the most “bang” for their buck in these tough economic times. Getting the most from your hydrogen kit is no different.
  • It was necessary to assess the kit’s ability to work with as high as 99% of the vehicles on the market today, both new and used. The evaluators had to be concerned with the different types of fuel used in our vehicles as well as with the various methods of delivery of that fuel to the engine, such as carburetors and fuel injection methods.

As you can readily see from these considerations, and many more not listed here, the evaluators of these hydrogen conversion kits were seeking the most economical, efficient and easy to install kits to recommend to the consuming public

Source by Vicki Fassler

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