Panasonic 42 Inch Plasma TV – Review of Panasonic TC-P42G25 Model

This Panasonic 42 inch plasma HDTV model has an improved technology than the 2009 model. This HDTV is loaded with features except 3D technology. It has a Neopanel feature that ensures brighter pictures and at the same time it saves energy.

The images get rid of the reflections from the light source in your home and at the same time have a balance of color and brightness. This model is embedded with 1080p resolution which has taken care of the problem of the previous panel of reflections and glares.

600 Hz Sub-field Drive was also integrated this plasma TV. It makes the pictures and images to look natural and life like. You cannot experience blurring in the pictures, which makes the action scenes a pleasure for the eyes.

This model has an improved Viera functionality when compared with the 2009 model. You can access and stream contents from online sites such as Netflix, YouTube, Fox Sports, Pandora, Amazon and others courtesy of Viera Cast technology feature. With additional devices like camera and Wi-Fi capabilities, you can do videoconferencing through Skype.

This Panasonic 42 inch plasma TV model can also be used in viewing your digital photos stored in SD memory cards. It also has a Viera Link feature which allows you to connect all your electronic gadgets to the plasma tv and control them with a single remote.

When you talk about energy conservation, Panasonic is in the driving seat. It has introduced many features in the plasma TV which saves power. The number one feature is Neopanel. It saves power and at the same time ensures brightness of your screen. It also meets the requirements of Energy Star 4.0 standards.

This model has a 100,000 hours lifespan. It will last 30 years for you, if you are watching the TV 8 hours per day. If you are looking for a plasma HDTV with 3D features for your sitting room, this model is a perfect one for you. You can also use it as a second TV for your bedroom or office.

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