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All of us want to have the best for our child or children (in the case of multiples) and so we go about trying to find the items we want to make ourselves and our children comfy and happy. When looking foe a stroller, we need it to be lightweight, gorgeous color, smooth riding, simply all around comfort as provided by the Baby Jogger Double Stroller.

Since The Baby Jogger Company has been in business more than 25 years and was the original maker of this particular design, we should be able to count on it being all of these things. It is high performance and all terrain. It sports 3 wheels with easy maneuverability. People all over the world love and appreciate its superior quality. It sports quality, agility and function of simplicity that makes it easy to use in the great design.

This company “Baby Jogger” was first brought to us in 1984. The guy who invented this stroller wanted to be able to spend more time with his new baby so he decided he would just take the child to work with him. Apparently this was an OK thing at the newspaper office where he worked.

This gentleman was very disappointed when he realized that the carriages he owned and any he looked at was not durable enough or suitable in other ways. The carriages were just not made for long distances and all kinds of terrain. For this reason this young father decided and designed a stroller with specialized features that made it suitable for his trip and could even be used for Jogging. His company name was appropriate to this product. It was simply named The Baby Jogger Double Stroller Company.

The young man was pleased with his work and in 1986 decided on and built the first double stroller in his company for two children. He named this one the Twiner. This stroller like the other one was made so the serious jogger could use and enjoy them with their children. As the years went by, this young man continued to add stroller designs to his company. Some were to accommodate different needs for parents everywhere. These strollers had names like the FunAbout, WalkAbout, Zipper, Super Jogger and the Super Twiner.

By 1994, Baby Jogger had some other things in mind, like convenience. The company came out with 2 new designs called Baby Jogger 2 and the Twiner 2. The two of these strollers were all about convenience. This is when we were introduced to the new folding feature and the wheels that could be remove easily for storage and transportation. The wheels came in 3 sizes along with the easy removal. Needless to say because of the two new conveniences everyone wanted the new strollers.

When companies are doing good there is always interest from others so in 2003, The Baby Jogger Company was purchased by the Bag Boy Company. Bag Boy also owns other businesses.

In keeping with the ongoing growth of the company and interest in new products, in 2006 Baby Jogger added a neat line of bicycle trailers to their company. They were called the Trailwind and The Switchback. As with other products at this company, the trailers were in a class of their own. The Trailwind was roomy and could carry two passengers. The Switchback is a trailer for 2 that can be easily converted into a stroller for two.

The most popular stroller of all was added in 2007. This was called The City Series, also known as a family of strollers. In the family, we have the City Mini, the City Classic and the City Elite. Each of them fills a different need for you family. With the release of the 3 strollers there came several awards in 2008.

The next big entry in the baby Jogger Stroller company was called the Summit 360 in 2009. This is a new hybrid type stroller with multifunction s for your enjoyment. The summit is equipped with all the standards like the Quick Fold and all wheel independent suspension. It reclines nearly flat and much more. In 2 months of being put on the market, the summit had already received 2 awards.

In the year of 2010 Baby Jogger Company turned 25. Their 25 years in business called for something special. It is called the City Select. Unique could be its middle name as it is truly that. It can be used in 16 different combinations, consisting of mix and match seats and bassinets. Because of the 25 yr celebration, Baby Jogger sent out a new generation of their Performance Jogger. With a new modern edge added to the original and a few other enhancements, it is still a great jogging stroller for you and your children.

The Baby Jogger Company is still committed to being a leader in the world of strollers. This company is committed and dedicated to only the best for their customers like you and I as time goes by. Always being sure to send the best products our way.

Source by Laura W Forsyth

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