What Will The Car Of The Future Look Like?

Nobody can tell what car designers have in mind for the future, but we may make several assumptions judging by the present tendencies of the car industry. A lot of changes have been made during the past decades, so we have all the reasons to believe that our estimations are good.

The first change that the vehicles of the future will most likely suffer concerns the replacement of the regular fuel with alternative ones. Scientists and technologists are making efforts to find less harmful combustibles, such as, the solar energy or the hydrogen. Although there are many vehicles that function on solar energy and hydrogen, their technology has not been completely figured out, so in the future we must expect to see further improvements of the alternative cars.

The second option of the future car is related to the diminution of the energy consumption. Much of the energy that a car produces seems to be lost on the way and thus, the vehicle only uses 15% of its available energy: a flaw which producers try to remedy in order to reduce pollution. There are various technologies that may be used in the future; for the present, it appears that the best results were registered with the help of the regenerative braking and the turbo steam technology. The first system helps the vehicle store the energy that is normally lost during braking, whereas the turbo steam technology uses the exhaust gas to recharge the engine of the automobile.

Nanotechnology has inspired scientists to look for new lightweight and comfortable materials for our cars. Although they haven’t found the formula for the future nanotechnology vehicle, materials like, duraluminium, fiberglass and carbon fiber have already replaced the well-known steel. Producers have chosen these new materials because they are resistant, corrosion free and they reduce damages in case of impacts. In the future, however, it is possible for cars to repair or drive themselves and even change their color thanks to the billions of nanocircuts in their composition.

We often hear about invisible cars, vehicles that may be driven on land, water and air, but these are rather daring concepts that will take a while to put into practice. As tempting as these concepts may be, we strongly recommend you to test these cars by resorting to van leasing companies because modern technologies often need improvements and you will thus, avoid wasting your money on malfunctioning vehicles.

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