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Almost everyone is now aware that Apple have released the iPad 3. However, this has not stopped people from wondering where to buy the iPad 2 (i.e. the earlier model). There is no reason to expect this to change any time soon, so in this article we’ll look at where you can get hold of a 2nd generation iPad.

The first major division is of course between online and offline stores. You should be able to find an iPad 2 for sale in most physical stores with an electronics department. And, in terms of the internet, you should be able to find iPad 2 tablets for sale at most major online retailers, including Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy and so on,

How should you decide between all of these options? First of all, consider price. In almost all cases, you will be able to get a cheaper iPad 2 if your purchase online. This is especially true if you purchase one of “used” or “refurbished” versions available. For in doing so you can save $100 or more. Nor will you be sacrificing the quality of tablet. In many cases, used or refurbished versions work just as well as and are in a very similar condition to new versions. The only difference is that they often quite a lot cheaper.

So if saving money is a priority, your best bet is almost certainly to buy your iPad 2 online. However, it may be possible to narrow it down even further. Suppose you’ve decided to purchase online, which of the major retailers should you buy from?

Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg are all great options. You may wish to check out their current offers. In addition, these retailers often offer free shipping, which makes them a great place to buy from. Their prices are competitive; their reputations are great; their customer service is, on the whole, highly esteemed.

Of all of these, Amazon can be said to offer the widest variety of prices on their new, used and refurbished iPads. This of course gives you more options to choose from when you’re in the buying process. In addition, you can make sure you purchase from a trustworthy seller by looking at the “seller rating.” Many of those selling iPad 2 tablets on Amazon have a high rating (close to 100%)

Of course there are other online options as well. Buy.com is another respected online retailer and they too currently offer a good deal on the iPad 2. Like the other retailers we have mentioned, they do (in some cases) offer free shipping so they are also a good place to buy from.

The sellers they feature also tend to get a high “seller rating” and they have a clear “return policy” that you can check out before you buy. It’s always important to see what sort of return policy a retailer has.

Hopefully this brief article has helped you work out where to buy iPad 2 tablets. Rather than championing any one retailer, we’ve attempted to cover a few that you can choose from. The selection is based on (i) the store’s reputation, (ii) the price, (iii) the seller ratings, (iv) the return policy, and (v) whether or not they offer free shipping.

If a retailer scores highly in all these categories, you can be sure that it’s a very good place from which to buy your iPad 2 tablet.

Source by Edgar Renault

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