Why You Should Consider Getting a Minibus From The Airport

Often large parties arriving at the Heathrow Airport in London are left with the choice between hiring several vehicles or getting one Heathrow airport minibus. This is assuming that you will need the minibus or vehicles for several days. It is a different comparison to consider if you want a minibus with a driver or to take taxis from the airport to your destination one time.

It may be that you are okay to get around the city using public transportation but simply wish to arrive at your hotel via taxi or minibus with driver. But for the sake of this comparison we will assume that you are trying to hire a minibus for the duration of your stay. It is important to note now that when I referred to the hiring of a minibus I am referring to what is called renting if you are from the United States.

So should you hire several smaller vehicles at the Heathrow Airport or is it advantageous to get a Heathrow airport minibus for the duration of your stay? A minibus can be a surprisingly affordable alternative to getting individual vehicles. While an individual vehicle may cost you 60 pounds per day a minibus can cost as little as 130 pounds per day. So if you have a party that would normally hire three or more vehicles it is most likely a good idea to get a single minibus instead as once you split the cost of the minibus it will be less money per person.

Source by Tom Newcash

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