Advantages of Fleet GPS Tracking for Transportation Companies

A GPS vehicle tracking system is successfully being used in different business industries, especially in the field of transportation. By transportation’s very nature, the system feature of a GPS fleet tracking serves many benefits for transportation industry. And these benefits are not only applied for big multinational corporations but also for small businesses.

Written below are some of the many benefits and advantages of a GPS vehicle tracking system for transportation companies.

1. Saves on Operating Costs: Inessential overhead expenses are deceased through the elimination of excess fuel consumption, not needed overtime costs, discrepancies in billing, and unauthorized vehicle operation.

2. Decreases Insurance Fees: Insurance providers often offer up to 35 per cent premium discounts to companies which have real-time tracking system installed in their vehicles.

3. Optimizes Resources: A GPS vehicle tracking system allows you to keep track of your daily usage of resources (in real time) by the use of analytics and reports.

4. Maximizes Vehicle Usage: Vehicle misuse and idle time is eliminated. This enables you to have the most out of your fleet.

5. Ensures Consumer Satisfaction: With real-time vehicle tracking, you would be able to provide first-class services to your customers.

6. Becomes More Predictable: Customers are provided with accurate time of delivery.

7. Maximizes Labour Costs: By terminating downtime, reducing tardiness, and preventing inaccuracies in dispatch employees, efficiency and productivity are significantly increased.

8. Optimizes Management of Finances: The GPS log data enables you to make analysis of your profits and losses, provides better budget preparation, and improves accounting.

9. Provides Superior Route Planning: With intellectual route planning and predictable schedules, you can reduce expenses and at the same time stay competitive.

10. Organizes Maintenance: Advance vehicle maintenance in routine basis is developed through alerts that are based on mileage, engine hours, or time.

11. It is easy-to-use: Usable and practical interface make it easy for quality information to be accessed from mobile devices and computers.

12. Locates Assets: A GPS technology makes it possible to locate with exact details the location of stolen or lost vehicles and other assets.

13. Enhances Safety: Personnel’s safety and security are improved by having direct support and assistance, vehicle activity monitor, and application of two-way communication between dispatchers and drivers.

14. Becomes More Competitive: You can be more qualified to compete with your market rivals by performing an exceptional commercial fleet tracking abilities. Not only will a GPS vehicle tracking system help you save money and avoid losses but it will also support you in giving quality services to your consumers.

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