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I just downloaded the Bike Fast Fit app for my iPhone. I have always wondered if I am riding on my bike in the proper position. I wonder if my seat is too high or too low, is the angle of my hips right, is the angle of my aerobars accurate, am I pedaling with the maximum amount of power because of the proper position. I have checked into getting properly fit to my bike and have been overwhelmed by the price which I have gotten ranges from $300-$800 for a proper bike fit. I am also quite scared that they will tell me that my bike is just the wrong bike for me and try to influence me to purchase a more expensive bike that in their words “will fit you so much better.” I have looked at online fitting as well which can come in around $200-$500 for a video session which I would still have to make the adjustments. I began to wonder if there was a good option for bike fitting that was economical and practical.

I am not afraid to do bike maintenance as I built my bike from the frame up. I can adjust any area on the bike that needs to adjusted, but just need someone or some device to tell me how this fit should go. I have had people tell me on a group ride “Your frame is too small” and then five minutes later from another person have them say “Your reach is off.” I just want someone to give me an honest look at my fit and tell me where it needs to be adjusted. I put all of this together in my mind and thought, “surely there’s an app for that.” I was searching online for an online bike fitting option when I saw an advertisement and review for the bike fast fit app. I downloaded it for $4.99 and am anticipating getting the information that I need.

The way the app works is that you set it up on your iPhone across the room from your bio setup on a trainer. You place the dots of the photo on the wheel spokes of your bike. You also make sure that everything is level to the floor. You then allow for a delay and then pedal from 15-60 seconds. This provides a way for you to see yourself riding on the bike. After this you use the app to measure the angles and distances of each position on the bike. The thought is that the angles and the measurements fall within certain ranges and thus you can determine the best fit based upon these ranges.

Update: 10/10 – I finished my bike fit app fitting. I raised my bike seat as I was too low. I moved my seat forward to make the angle of my aerobats accurate. The seat position also allowed my knee to be in the proper position. I also adjusted the angle of my aerobars to better accommodate the new riding position. These adjustments allowed my leg to have a full swing and not to be hampered in anyway in the different pedal strokes. Overall, I am very pleased with the bike fit app. The recommendation is to return and do the fitting again in a few weeks to determine if you are still in the best position possible. I feel better and more powerful on the bike. Because of the winter weather, I am locked inside, but feel like I am a better rider now. The app is only $5 bucks but well worth the money.

Source by Jeff Dowdy

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