Diamondback Jr Viper BMX Bike Review

The Diamondback Jr Viper BMX bike is incorporated with all the perks of a traditional BMX bicycle and is a great gift for your little one, without breaking the bank. The Diamondback Jr Viper BMX bike resembles the same design as the full size version, except the small frame, which is perfect for beginners and kids that would like to get a firm grip over the joys of riding. This product is appointed with a ton of perks that easily distinguish this bike over its competitors, making it one of the best in the market.

The frame and handlebars of the Diamondback Jr Viper BMX bike is constructed of high-intensity steel and features 36 spoke aluminum spoke wheels. This bicycle is recommended for kids between 8-12 years and is appointed with a coaster braking system. This mechanism allows riders to bring the bike to a complete halt by pedaling backwards, which is a great safety feature when you’re not around.

BMX has been delivering exceptional products since the year 1984 and is world renowned in terms user compatibility and cost efficiency. The configurations of the bicycle are 70 degree seat tube with extra padding, 14.5 inch chain and a 74 degree head tube. With a 5 years warranty on the fork, I years on components and frame, you can be rest assured that your investment will last all through your child’s toddler days. Listed below are the exact specifications of the Diamondback Jr Viper BMX bike that will make your decision all the simpler.

The bike comes with easy to assemble parts and can be put together approximately within 15 minutes. The only tools you would need are a wrench and a pair of scissors in order to open the box and secure the nuts in place. Although a bicycle is one of the most viable investments you can make for your child, there are some aspects that should not be overlooked under any circumstances, when shopping for one. The seat is where your little guy will spend most of his time and you need to ensure that the seat is adjustable and well padded to avoid any type of discomforts that may arise.

The chain guard is the nest issue that needs to be addressed and will not only avoid any unforeseeable leaks, but help keep clothes from getting caught up when riding. The last but one of the most crucial aspects is the braking mechanism and if your child is a beginner to riding, then coaster brakes will be your best bet, which simply bring the bicycle to a complete halt by pedaling in the backwards motion.

The Diamondback Jr Viper BMX bike is loaded with a ton of safety features and is complimented with superior BMX performance.

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