EV Conversions – How to Choose the Right Motor

Once you have decided to convert your vehicle from gas to electric there are a couple of questions you may ask yourself specifically about the electric vehicle motor, such as:

a)Do I use an AC or DC motor?

b)What size motor must I use?

c)How will I install the motor in the vehicle?

d)What components of the gas engine must I keep to fit to the ev motor?

These are important questions which need to be answered, so here is a brief answer to each of these questions in order to give you a head start on your electric vehicle conversion.

a)The choice of whether to use an AC, Alternating Current, or DC, Direct Current, motor for your electric vehicle conversion is based on cost and the ease or complication of installation. In general DC motors are easier to install in electric vehicles and cheaper as well.

b)The size of the motor which you install in your ev car will depend mostly on the size of the vehicle being used and the performance which you are seeking to get out of your electric vehicle. The power output of these ev motors varies according to the voltage which you put through them within a set range for each motor.

c)Installation of the electric motor into your vehicle is relatively simple once you have removed all the gas engine parts. The ev motor is connected to the transmission using an adaptor plate. It is essential that proper measurements are taken prior to dismantling the engine transmission assembly in order to get the correct alignment when the electric motor is installed.

d)To start an gas to electric car conversion, all the parts related to the gas engine can be removed, such as the radiator, fuel tank and exhaust pipe and any other parts which will no longer be used with the ev motor. Your electric vehicle will need an adaptor plate be made to attach the motor to the gearbox, you will also have to keep the clutch and flywheel to complete the conversion.

Your electric conversion motor could last you through two or more conversion vehicles so it is essential to make the right choice of motor to begin with. Although the ev motor is one of your main cost items when doing an electric car conversion, it will last better if it is properly matched to the vehicle which it must power. Understanding the requirements for the motor when making an gas to electric car conversion will help you to make the right choice when deciding on an ev motor for you conversion.

Source by Daniel Robbins

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