Gold Trade Note Replaces Dollar in International Trade and Settlements

On February 7, 2013, Jim Willie, a mining executive and precious metal analyst stated the Asian economies as well as other parts of the world were implementing steps for a new trading-Note destined to replace the almighty dollar for international transactions. This new financial instrument is designated the ‘Gold Trade Note’ and it is designed to replace the U. S. dollar in transactions between countries.

Reportedly the same protections now attendant on the dollar reserve currency will also be available for this new form of financial credit. The major difference, which is seen as a major improvement over the dollar fiat currency, is this new Note “will use a gold backed system of currency that will bypass the dollar”, and bypass other centrally controlled fiat currencies as well as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). There will be repercussions from these actions that will affect investments in currencies and stocks of various countries. All worldly citizens will be affected by these ongoing international financial arrangements. This could well make the dollar nearly obsolete by or before the year 2020 to 2025 at the latest. The United States mainstream media is so controlled almost none of those major news organizations are reporting on this huge development that will affect every family and child in the world!

Standard non-energy trades now being settled outside any United States dollar-based terms could be the final blow to the Dollar. First started in Asia, the practice is now picking up speed and popularity. Urged along with a large push in response to the trade sanctions against Iran by the United States, this practice is spreading westward at a fast clip. This is just one more example how “every action brings about an equal and opposite reaction.”

The Gold Trade Note will be the crux of the non-United States dollar trade vehicle devised as a United States Dollar [alternative]. Using it will allow peer-to-peer payments out of direct account transfers independent of the currency itself, and more important than that, transfers can be accomplished outside the narrow controlled channels of the international bankers with their ever present SWIFT code system. The Gold Trade Note will serve as a short-term bill, act in the manner of a Letter of Credit, and probably push aside the almost 0% short-term US Treasury Bills that overflow the international banking picture. Any bill or bond that earns practically no interest is worthless. Replacement by a better instrument is what the zero bound US Treasuries practically dictate by virtue that they don’t even keep up with the rate of inflation which was 20% from 2006-2008 alone.

Gold will have to be posted as collateral backing the new trade notes. This is the major difference between the current dollar-backed system which is seen as obsolete as the dollar is only a fiat currency without any gold backing it for the most part. This new gold-Note system will involve an entire system for the implementation of trade between countries and will be backed by a huge store of gold also including silver and platinum, as well as other precious metals. The idea is to operate in a peer-to-peer system executed between international parties via computers or Blackberry devices to complete the payments on transactions while simultaneously avoiding the banks, the United States dollar, and the forex systems as much as possible.

Asian trade partners, in concert with China, have already started exchanging services and goods [outside of] the dollar. China began the first oil wholesale market in the world which bypasses the dollar in September of 2012, and which allows all nations to sell or purchase oil in other currencies besides the dollar reserve. In December, 2012, the Asian conference, which took place between 15 Asian countries, which represented over three billion people, came up with new trade agreements and created a new lending facility to compete with the International Monetary fund (IMF). The United States was not invited to this semi-secret conference. This was a huge step as the international power of the IMF had never been challenged before. All of these actions have a huge bearing on the direction and performance of any investments and currencies held by investors irregardless of the country one lives in.

In order for this new system to function properly, nations must have a readily available store of the precious metals to be able to buy and sell Gold Trade Notes. To further accommodate their plans, China has been melting down their ever growing larger gold stockpile into 1 kilogram ingots to use for the collateral for a ‘gold based trade note’, or dreaming even larger yet, in the not so distant future, a new gold backed international currency.

While the Federal Reserve continues its relentless war on debasing the dollar and spreading inflation around the planet, it is forcing countries to wage a new currency war. The invention of a new Gold-trade note is gradually nearing completion and getting “ready to replace the U.S. dollar at any given moment or monetary crisis.” It would be very wise to further research this subject and for each person to reposition their currencies, savings and investments to not be caught by the impending devaluation of the dollar in the not too distant future.

When you realize the Fed and Euro Zone are both imposing zero interest rate polices (ZIRP) on their own currencies, it is only a matter of time (sooner rather than later) before a large portion of the global citizens and corporations completely disconnect from the dollar and creates a monetary vacuum that China and other Asian economies are getting ready to fill. The question begs to be asked. Do they see “The Handwriting on the Wall” that working Americans are missing?

Source by Josh Holliday

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