How to Deal With Different Psychological Characters

What is the effect of psychology on our daily life? Why should we know?

Well, there is no easy answer, and to be honest, you will still be able to get on with your life even if you did not know any of that. But if you care about increasing your productivity and chances in getting what you want, then psychology and especially psychoanalysis, will help you in achieving that.

The easiest method of classification is The Four Colors system, in a nutshell, it gives a particular color to a summation of several attributes. In this system, we have four primary colors and four hybrid colors.

The four basic colors are Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

Blue people are classified to be “detailers” They pay attention to specific details and not to the whole picture, they are antisocial and cannot stand the crowded places, they succeed in jobs that require particular attention to details. You cannot fascinate them because they will always find something that they do not like in your proposition. Never try to sell them on emotion, instead, try to use logic, but be ready to answer a lot of questions, try to be as accurate as you can and always focus on why this choice makes sense but do not oversell your statements.

Try using sentences such as “This tool possesses a value of energy loss of only 0.62%. It needs 3.1 seconds to launch, and its battery serves you for 5 hours, 55 minutes and 30 seconds”. You have to use a lot of numeric values and specific terms but make sure they are relevant, sense, and most importantly that they are true.

How to identify a Blue, character person:

They are usually alone reading a book or doing something on their computer when you talk to them you feel as if they are not listening at all and that every word you say annoys them. They use accurate data and special terms when they are talking.

Red people are classified to be bosses (NOT Leaders), they are cruel, impatient, and do not tolerate any challenge to their authority. The only way to convince them of the idea is to make them come up with it. The best way to diffuse a situation with them is by feeding their ego.

How to spot a Red, character person:

Well, it is not that hard, all you have to do is to study some basic body language and here are some tips:

They always use the I in their sentences; they do not propose yet they command when they sit they always put their right leg on the left, they look you in the eye and almost never smile.

Green Character people are classified as sensitive people.

They are individuals who tend to have a close circuit of friends in which they are defined as being part of a group and not as individuals. Their sentences are dominated with the word “We, ” and they do not use the word I (except to blame themselves and to ask for coffee) when they are alone. If you have to sell them something, try to focus on how buying this thing will make them feel. You can use proposals such as: “Tell me please how you feel about this device.” With Green Character individuals, if you would apply a little pressure, you will get what you want most of the time because they do not like to upset anyone.

How to identify Green character individuals:

They are shy people who do not make eye contact even though they are not doing anything, they cross their hands (as if they are hugging themselves) in any conversation with their legs usually positioned under their chair. There are long pauses within their conversations because they over think about their words.

Individuals with yellow character tend to be socially active; they do not accept the idea of friends for life but they cannot stand the thought of being alone, they always require attention but get bored easily and cannot commit to anything because of that. If you are selling them anything that is not new and weird, you had better forget about that.

How to spot a “yellow character”:

Females of a Yellow character usually tend to play with their hair and get physical with strangers; they will try to look different by adopting weird styles or socially unacceptable ones. You can see them trying to look mysterious but full of life, they party all night and they will disappear just before it ends. Men usually tend to raise their voice and have a lot of tattoos that are often written in a foreign language.

So those are the major four types of character, and now you know how to deal with them in the best way.

Source by Nudrat Naheed

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