Lexigrams – What is a Lexigram and How to Write a Lexigram

When you begin to mentally explore the art of Lexigrams, things change.

The late Astrologer, and Poet, Linda Goodman is responsible for introducing me to art of Lexigrams via her book Star Signs. Like any good teacher she dumped the information in my lap, gave me some rules of thumb to follow, and ended the lesson pretty much saying, “go now and make your own Lexigrams”. I did so.

I did so for much of twenty years–and the experience of working the art of Lexing words, names, and phrases, altered drastically my perception of things, people, and events. Today, I use Lexing as the great divining tool that it is in discovering the secrets that lie waiting to be revealed from the LETTERS that make up THE ALPHABET.

Like prayer and affirmations, Lexigrams work to bring you out of the dark and into the light.

For instance,

Let the reader see that the word LETTERS itself can make the words that are telling us to LET SEER SEE. While the word phrase THE ALPHABET is telling us to LET THE HEAT BEAT THE PATH–meaning simply, that the words we speak, think of, and write resonate to the frequencies of sound vibrations– which will manifest into matter upon the ethers when they are spoken, thought of, or written—because Lexigrams work under the universal Laws of Attraction.

The truth to any matter, human life, or event lies waiting to be unlocked by our own eyes and ears. We just have to learn to see and hear them intuitively.

Per Linda Goodman, Lexigrams go hand and hand with Astrology and Numerology. I agree, but I also believe that one does not have to know the elements of Astrology or Numerology to Lexigram. It’s insightful, but not necessary. However, the art of Lexigraming might lead your interest to learning more about Astrology and Numerology. Anything can happen when you expose your mental spiralings to Lexigrams.

Now, I have also given the words ASTROLOGY and NUMBERS a lot of thought. However, in this writing there is only room to touch on each of them sparingly–so let’s go.

I saw in the letters that comprise the word NUMBERS that they too make words that seem to have a powerful truth all their own too. I noticed that hidden within the word NUMBERS are the letters that make the words, MEN USE. Do you see it that?

Do you see how the letters that make up the word NUMBERS can also make up the words MEN USE NUMBERS for BUS RUNS and for SUB MENUS and to NURSE against SUN BURN. Is this not the truth?

Lucky for us there is also the word SERUM hidden inside the word NUMBERS which certainly confirms the powerful USE of NUMBERS as a SERUM in our life if we learn to MUSE and USE them. Now here is where we move over to Astrology.

The funny thing is that, in the phrase, THE PLANETS, I saw that it too holds its own powerful truth.

For instance,

I seen hidden within the phrase, THE PLANETS the letters that can form the words that tell us that they are the TEN PLANS THAT HE (&) SHE HAS SET. Now doesn’t the Sun, and the Moon, and the other eight major celestial bodies from Mercury to Pluto add up to the number TEN? Yes, it does. And doesn’t each of them have their own set orbital speed (PLAN) in which they revolve about the Sun? Yes, they do.

Considering this in the whole grand scheme of astronomical things, and knowing well that our own Earth/Moon system can be unerringly measured, as in the exact dating and timing of the solar and lunar eclipses, THE PLANETS functions seem to be most easily expressed with their own words as being, A SET TEN PLANS. Wouldn’t you agree?

So what does THE PLANETS have to do with NUMBERS? Well, that involves a writing that is so profound there is not room for it here. But I will tell you this, it involves the word LONGITUDE and its profound truth was first discovered while I was working on the whereabouts of a missing child.

You see we measure the planets whereabouts in degrees and minutes of celestial LONGITUDE. Longitude is based on a coordinate system that uses the 360 circle in which Zero degrees begins at the ecliptic in the sign of Aries. The ecliptic is the imaginary static path that the Sun and the Planets use when moving through the whole 360 degrees of zodiac constellations.

I found that each planet’s position when expressed in both their degree of the constellation and their total degrees of longitude at our birth will date the most important events of our life.

The word LONGITUDE when all it’s letters are rearranged anagrams’ into the two words, TO INDULGE. It also anagrams into the two words, UNTIE GOLD. If you take the time to read the Astrological Profiling in Cases of Missing Children at my site you will witness how the Longitude for the planets at the time of a child’s abduction tell the measurement in distance for their location, and you’ll better understand how and why the word LONGITUDE anagrams into the phrase UNTIE GOLD.

To begin Lexigng yourself, you’ll need the short and sweet rules.

  • begin with a word that interests you, before you move on to a name
  • you can only use the letters in front of you. If there is only one letter T in your original word, you can only use one T in the hybrid words.
  • you don’t want to lex a name or a phrase that has more than 13 separate vowels and consonants
  • you need a piece of paper, I prefer lined paper and forming columns double spaced, so that each word has the breathing room it needs to come alive in your mental spiraling.
  • to write your lexigram read your words aloud and bounce them against each other to hear for the truth and jot the verses down quickly.

A Lexigram can be written by anyone. Your don’t have to be well versed in Astrology or Numerology. You just need to give lexing a little practice and time, and have an unrelenting desire to dig out the truth. Astrology for Today.


Source by Renee Francis

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