Propane Auto Conversions – Is it a Better Solution For My Engine?

Propane has almost no carbon in it. It is very light on the end of hydrocarbon scale. When you take advantage of a propane auto conversion the oil in your vehicle will stay cleaner. Carbon is what causes oil in a motor to turn black. Not only will your oil stay clean but it will get cleaner every time you burn your engine.

When propane enters inside of your engine it goes inside of it as a vapor. The difference is that gasoline enters the engine as raw fuel into the cylinders. When gasoline enters the pistons it washes past inside of the oil and causes serious wear and tear on the engine. This is the primary reason why gasoline engines do not last even close to as long as a propane engine.

Another reason propane auto conversion kits are the best solution for your engine is because propane doesn’t burn valves. Vehicles that are designed to run on unleaded gasoline have absolutely no worries about valves burning which can cause harm to an engine.

Running a propane auto conversion kit on a vehicle is the best way to take care of an engine and prolong the life too. Propane burns as a vapor and not as a raw fuel and it will not cause the oil to be black anymore. The engine will burn much cleaner and for a much longer time. This can save you thousands of dollars in the long run when you run propane with your fuel system.

Source by Jonathon Winburg

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