Skateboards Have Evolved

The evolution of the skateboard promises to be the next biggest thrill for skateboard enthusiasts worldwide and of all ages. What has it evolved to? It has transformed to the CasterBoard!

Back in days gone past we used to use the metal skates that attached to our shoes to make soap box racers and also scooters. Those scooters were the precursor to the Razor-type scooters we have today. Wow!! I describe the caster board as a ‘street snowboard’ with 2-360 degree revolving raked caster wheels on a pivoting deck. The above combo makes it easy and fast to get the sculpting you experience when going downhill on a snowboard. And just by shifting your body weight allows you to accelerate or turn without using your feet to push off like you do on a skateboard. You can actually go uphill with out using your feet.

The casterboard is unique in design. It has 2- foot platforms attached either side of a tubular beam that houses a high torsion spring. Beneath each platform is a raked 360 degree revolving caster wheel that provides a smooth ride on almost any type of pavement. Some of the top casterboards and companies include: The Wave, by Street Surfing(I understand they were first on the caster board scene); then there’s the Ripstik by Razor, the folks who make the popular Razor Scooters. There are also Timberwolf Xtreem Casterboards and Axis Casterboarding (they claim a membership site for all Boarders). These are a few of the casterboards and companies.

I like the casterboards that are out there, as well as the skateboards. But I believe that while you can get incredible speeds with the caster boards, cut your way downhill (and uphill), the tricks are limited because of the single raked wheels. With the increased speed and sharper turning ability of the casterboards, one must also be aware that accidents may happen. It is always best to wear the proper, quality gear when riding. That includes a good quality helmet, elbow and knee protection. No matter what skates, skateboard, scooter or casterboards you buy–Love yourself, Protect yourself! Watch out for car drivers–many times they only pay attention to where they are going and not so much to who is on a skateboard or scooter. Always be aware of all the traffic and have in your mind a last minute bail out plan for emergencies. Of course you shouldn’t be in the street competing with cars any way. Be Safe!!

Source by William Jackson

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