A Renewable Energy Source – A Perpetual Energy Source

We are at present relying on non renewable energy fossil fuels and they are becoming more and more expensive. The most common types are coal, oil and natural gas. For many years these resources helped the world’s economy to progress and industrialized. It made our lives easier and moved towards a faster trend of life environment. However, the world’s attitude towards these resources is changing. Here are the reasons why, the price has gone up high. These fossil fuels run millions of vehicles around the world and for every good effect it gives to us, it also gives a bad side effect, the unwanted air coming out from the vehicles exhaust. It pollutes the air we breathe in. Our health is threatened and it is becoming serious globally.

These non renewable energy resources will eventually runs out and as it becomes harder to produce the law of economics comes in. The price goes up high. For this reason the renewable energy resources is becoming popular all over the world. This appears to be the green light to our high fuel cost and a fresher place we lived in. It is the power energy that we are looking for, a perpetual energy source for everyone.

Why choose a renewable energy resource? First, it will never runs out. It is available everywhere and it is much cleaner. The supply of energy will be constantly replenished and so we expect a more stable pricing worldwide. The only angle that we need to focus on is its production cost and how are we going to convert these resources to the existing machines and equipments.

Which alternative energy resources do we have now? There are energies that the sun provides to us. Solar energy is one. Through sun’s light energy it is converted to electricity by solar cell panels or photovoltaic (PV) cell panels. Biomass energy is another one. Biomass is extracted from the plants and the plants grow because of sunlight. The Ocean energy is another one. Through the sun’s heat it creates thermal energy.

Another energy generated from the ocean is the wave energy where mechanical energy is created from the tides and waves of the sea or ocean. We also generate energy from other natural resources like earth’s internal heats, the geothermal energy. Then there is the Wind Energy, where we tap the winds power by the use of wind turbine machines to generate electricity. Let us not forget the tremendous power from hydro water energy flow. By capturing the mega power movement of water flow by force of gravity the energy is converted into electricity by hydroelectric power plants. The next one is the hydrogen energy. Hydrogen can be burned as a fuel to run a motor generating machine to generate electricity. Last but not the least is one of Nicola Tesla’s discovery, the radiant energy wherein it harnesses the electromagnetic waves from the sky and then converts it into electricity.

With all these renewable energy resources, all in all there is abundant perpetual energy source around us. All we need is to focus on how we can tap these resources at a very low price where everyone in the world can afford to buy.

Source by Orlando Racelis

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