Do’s And Don’ts of Motorcycle Maintenance – Best Maintenance Tips

A safe motorcycle is a well-maintained motorcycle. But there are Do’s and Don’ts one has to keep in mind while maintaining a motorcycle that can keep your bike in top shape and prepare you for a safer ride.

Cleaning a motorcycle is the first step towards maintaining a motorcycle. While cleaning the bike one usually gets to take a look at the various parts of the machine in great detail which is very helpful in the inspection and maintenance of the bike.

But one has to take care of certain things while cleaning the motorcycle. One can opt for cleaning the bike without water. Even if one has to use water, it is always better to use plain water and a cloth. A mild detergent diluted in a bucket of water if used carefully will also not do much harm. But great care should always be taken to avoid spraying water under pressure. This may lead to water getting into sensitive electrical and electronic components and devices. One should never direct a stream of water toward the air filter area.

If detergent water is used to clean, one has to avoid it dissolving the chain lubricant if your motorcycle is chain driven. And if the lubricant gets washed away, do not forget to re-lubricate it.

Tires and wheels should be looked at closely and inspected for signs of excessive wear or damage.

Even after cleaning, the painted surfaces on the motorcycle would need protection from the damaging effects of sun and chemicals encountered on a daily basis. The best way is to apply a coat of wax on the painted surfaces. Nowadays, protective thin film covers are also available in the market. These films are tough urethane clear membranes designed to prevent damage on the paint surface and have a high gloss finish which enhances and protects the appearance of your motorbike and it will not yellow with age.

While choosing the wax polish, one should make sure that the polish that is used should be able stand the extreme temperatures often associated with the machine. If using polish on the chrome parts always choose a polish specifically designed for chrome to avoid scratching the chrome surface. Also one has to remember that the chrome exhaust on a motorcycle gets very hot and one has to be aware of it.

While cleaning the plastics and vinyl parts, one should use products specifically recommended for those materials. Use of harsh chemicals or solvents can damage plastic or vinyl items. A lot of people use petrol to clean the bike which is not recommended.

While not in use, always make sure that the bike is covered.

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