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Green is good. As the line follows many environmentalists are focusing on going green and insisting on the usage of Eco friendly services and products. Why not then use Eco friendly limousines, since automobiles are responsible for maximum carbon dioxide emissions. Till now our Earth has witnessed massive environmental degradation and disasters, ozone layer depletion, pollution and acid rains which are affecting human health and earth’s ecosystem. Due to this hazardous situation, every city is running the go green campaign.

Since limousines have always been the sign of comfort and luxury, its definition does not end there. Now days, many limousines are being converted into Eco friendly limousines to preserve and restore our natural environment. Nowadays, there are numerous hybrid limousines available in the market. This recent advancements in mechanical engineering has helped maintain a very Eco friendly environment in the busiest of cities, apart from this scientific boon, preventive measures can be the other solution to environmental problems. Only thing is we have to be little more rational and cautious. These are few very simple lists of things that you can do to turn your limousines into Eco friendly limos.

• First, you can change your fuel into bio fuel, bio diesel or veggie oil which com from renewable plant sources. Generally bio fuel is derived form biological carbon fixation such as biomass conversion and solid biomass. Less emissions is less pollution.

• Clogged air filter will consequently lead to poor performance, poor mileage and can reduce engine efficiency so replace or clean your air filter regularly. It will help to improve mileage and cut down on the gas consumptions.

• Choose the right motor oil grade for your engine, look for the star burst symbol which indicates the oil has been tested and meets the standards of the American Petroleum Institute and also look for viscosity rate.It will help increasing the efficiency of your car up to 2%.

• Avoid idling for more than 10 seconds even in winter. Research shows that every 2 minutes of car idling will equivalent to amount of fuel it takes to go for about a mile. Idling gets Zero mileage per gallon and is linked to the asthma, allergies, heart and lung diseases.

• Correct your tire inflation pressure, tire pressure means the measure of amount of air pressure in vehicle’s tire.The proper amount of pressure will not only improve gas mileage up to 3% and it will lead to tire comfort, durability and save you from the bad accident.

• For limo wash, make your own biodegradable car washing foam to wash your car in an Eco friendly way.For example use lemon,vinegar, biodegradable soap or plant. Wash you limo at least 200 feet away form the water resources.

• Use a natural air freshener which can be homemade,you can use citrus scent like of orange,vinegar,lemon or cinnamon or apple cider. It is helpful in reducing the ecological impact and health issues such as asthma or other respiration problem.

• Always drive your car at moderate speed.Accelerate your limo smoothly avoid sudden stops and starts, even though you are in a hurry.Frequent burst of acceleration and braking can reduce car’s mileage by 2 to 3 mpg.

• To cool your limo use your windows and electric or solar fans, don’t go too hard on ACU. And while parking you can use shade areas if available.

• Avoid junk and excess weight inside your trunk,the percentage of extra weight is relative to the vehicle’s weight. Less weight can reduce the gas mileage by 2%.

• Don’t spill gasoline while filing up your tanks,it can cause serious problem and increase safety risk. It can evaporate into harmful particles and pollute the air or contaminate the soil or water resources.

Source by Rupila Bardewa

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