Green is Gold at Colorado State University

Ever since its inception in 1870, Colorado State University has used green and gold as their two main colors. But within the last few years one color has become much more predominant on campus. GREEN!

According to Newsweek magazine, Colorado State University is one of the greenest universities in America. They have instituted a full-on campaign towards going green that incorporates efforts from students, faculty and staff.

When it comes to going green, Colorado State is about more than just changing light bulbs and encouraging public transportation.

  • CSU offers over 100 environmentally based courses covering everything from engineering to atmospheric science. They believe that teaching environmental awareness is the most resourceful method of going green.
  • CSU grows more than 2 million seedling trees each year in a Forest Service operation that is unmatched by any university in the country.
  • CSU employs a pedestrian friendly campus by moving parking towards the edges of campus to encourage walking and bicycling.
  • CSU utilizes electric, hybrid electric, and biodiesel vehicles throughout its campus.
  • CSU recycles nearly 2 million pounds of recyclable material each year.
  • CSU allows its on-campus residents to purchase “green” power. This endeavor has prevented more than 760,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the earth’s atmosphere each year.That amount is equivalent to eliminating CO2 emissions associated with the use of nearly 40,000 gallons of gasoline annually.
  • CSU operates a state-of-the-art water conservation program that has decreased water usage by 22% over the last 18 years despite a student population increase of 25%.

In the near future, Colorado State University is going to develop a huge wind farm on a 11,000 acre property that the university owns about 25 miles north of its campus. The power generated could produce an additional $30 million in revenue for the University over the twenty-five year life of the project.

Colorado State University is certainly doing their part to change our world. If there was an Olympics for organizations making our world more green, CSU could certainly earn GOLD!

Source by Nick Tart

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