Helmet Laws

Florida’s helmet law states that only persons under 21 years of age must wear a helmet while riding. Today I pulled alongside a rider wearing shorts and a T-shirt. And, I asked him why he wasn’t wearing a helmet. He replied he likes his freedom of choice and anyway motorcycle gear and helmets were expensive. It leads one to ask, “Are helmet laws worthwhile?” At the same time we could ask, “Are seatbelt laws worthwhile?” “Are child restraint system laws worthwhile?” Well, statistics show that the use of them certainly saves lives! Statistics also show the motorcyclists who wear helmets and proper gear have a much greater survival rate should they be unfortunate enough to have a major accident. But, why do we have to have laws to do this? Is not the general public smart enough to use all the resources available us to provide safety for ourselves, our families, and all those we care about? I suggest anyone to go online to a place where you can find DOT approved helmets and fantastic prices. Freedom of choice does not warrant being stupid.

I tell this story in hopes that this Good Samaritan may have saved someone a lot of pain or even their life. If you ride in a state that does not require helmets I encourage you and all your riding buddies to use common sense and wear helmets, dress properly and be courteous. Enjoy your freedom! Enjoy your ride! And, if you have a chance come to Florida and enjoy the great areas we have to ride; and most important – stay out of the Emergency Room!


Source by Dan Meeuwsen

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