Keyless Entry – The Magic of The Remote

The technology of automobile has come a long way in the last two decades. Engineering has provided us with cars that can park itself, steer itself, use brakes when the car thinks it should and a keyless remote system can alarm the car or open the car door with a touch of a button. The magical Key fob that goes with a remote keyless entry system has can be programmed to do many wonderful things for us.

Imagine, you are coming out of the store from a big shopping trip. Your arms are full; it is raining cats and dogs and you do not have your umbrella with you. It is in the car. As you run across the parking lot, you push the button on your key fob: the trunk opens so you can place the shopping bags in the trunk, the engine starts, the doors unlocked. Now you slip behind the steering wheel, not dry, but at least not as wet as you would have been.

So, yes that little fat top of the key has been programmed to provide you with magical services, with a little bit of luxury. But that is certainly not all it has been programmed to do. When you lock the car using the one touch button, you are also arming the car against thief plus disabling the ignition system from being able to be engaged. And we don’t even think about it, we just do it automatically.

Another example of how this really is a passive security system. You have taken your family out to dinner and the movies. When you come out of the theater it is dark and there are not many cars around. When you get within 30 feet of your vehicle, you unlock all the doors and you, your spouse and kids all climb into the car at the same time. You slide in behind the wheel and lock the doors with a single click. Everyone is safe and sound – no worries of outside interference with your family. Something we don’t general think about, but it is there.

Now there are more innovations still coming. One of the more recent is the advent of the starting of the car with a click of the button on the key fob. One more time, this can be considered both a luxury item and a safety feature., depending on how you look at the feature. I don’t know about you but I like the Keyless entry remote systems with their magic key fobs.

Source by Clint Jones

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