LG 47SL9000 – Review

There are so many aspects to consider in a review of the new LG 47SL9000 LED TV. It has a stylish Frameless design with a glossy black finish. And underneath its trendy looks come great features and advanced technology to make the picture bright and crystal clear.

LG’s SL9000 series of HDTV’s have LED’s that light up from the edge of the screen. This makes the LCD much thinner than its counterparts. It might not be the thinnest set that you could buy, but measuring just over 4 cm at its sides, this is definitely slim. Looking at the front, you would notice that this TV has no bezel. This is what LG means with its Borderless design.

More contrast generally means better pictures. With this LG 47SL9000 TV’s whopping 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio, the pictures that you would see here are simply mind-blowing. And if you haven’t already guessed it, the LED lighting also adds up to enliven the picture. It is also fully HD Capable, with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p. This results in stunning detail and really crystal clear pictures in its expansive 47 inch screen.

With superior detail and high resolution, it wouldn’t make sense if the TV set can’t be viewed on different angles. Many LCD TVs suffer from narrow viewing angles. That is why LG designed this TV to be viewed at 178/178 degrees, wide enough for watching with the whole family.

The LG 47SL9000 LCD TV is equipped with LG’s Trumotion 100Hz motion control. Though the refresh rate is not as fast as 200Hz motion control technologies, it is still very effective in minimizing motion blur. Another feature that minimizes blurring is its 2 ms response time. Motion blur is not noticeable when watching fast moving objects on the screen.

If you already have lots of digital input devices at your disposal, then this TV would not disappoint. It has four HDMI ports for digital signals. It also has a multitude of analog input jacks, like a VGA Port and Component Video inputs. It has also a digital audio output for you to connect it directly to your Home Theater System. For digital media formats, this LCD TV has what it takes to get it played. It has a USB Port, Ethernet connection for streaming media from a media center, and Integrated Bluetooth. With Bluetooth technology, you can view pictures and listen to music from your cell phone, and with a Bluetooth Headset, you could even listen to your movies privately.

All good things come with compromises though, and LG have certainly had some missteps with this LG 47SL9000 TV. For one thing, the screen is a bit glossy, which can complicate viewing in brightly lit rooms. Also, as a result of its really skinny physique, the sound quality from its built-in speaker is a little on the tinny side. But for those who plan to hook this up into their home theater set-up, this is just a minor issue since they won’t be using the integrated speakers.

With LED technology lighting up the set, this LG 47SL9000 TV has very minimal power consumption, drawing 40% less power than the contemporary LCD technologies. With a very stylish design and breath-taking picture, this new LED TV from LG would be a great addition to your home theater system. Review the LG 47SL9000 before committing to buy a new TV.

Source by Andrew Emerson

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