Longboards – Before You Start Practicing

Extreme sports consist of several items like roller skating, skate boarding, bungee jumping, etc. and these have become a craze among the youngsters of today. While they differ in the amount of risk they contain, skateboards are items that have comparatively less risk and therefore could be practiced by skaters of all age groups. Skateboards have come a long way forward from the basic board with four wheels attached to it. Today there are different kinds of skateboards, and long boards are one of the common types of skateboards available in the market.

Longboards became a trend during the year 2011 and they differ from the regular skateboards in the design of the board. The deck of longboards is longer and wider than the skateboards, offering the skater more ground space to fix his or her feet. The wheels are also bigger which makes it easier for the skater of any levels of expertise to learn and practice. Besides using as a means of entertainment and fun, you can also use longboards as a way of transport from one locality to the other within your neighbourhood.

Longboards are the best way to begin skateboarding. The flat surface of the longboard lets you keep your feet comfortably over it and start rolling the wheels. To position yourself on the board, to start moving the board and getting into the groove and finally stopping the motion without the risk of falling require a good amount of practice and training. Longboards can be used to practice several tricks and techniques once you learn to balance yourself on the board and skate without falling. There are plenty of videos in the internet in websites like YouTube to check out and get tips from. Though it is not necessary to join a coaching class to learn the art of longboarding, it is always better to receive the supervision of an expert for your initial lessons.

If you are a beginner practicing longboard skateboarding, better wear some protective gear like helmet, elbow caps and knee caps. They might seem hefty and bothersome in the beginning, yet it is safer to have them at least till you learn to balance yourself on the boards. Once you become an expert, perhaps you could remove them. However, wearing the helmet is always better even after you pass the initial lessons.

In residential areas you might often come across youngsters commuting on longboards and other types of skateboards. They often use it to go to schools, playgrounds, friends’ houses and so on. In fact, this is one of the benefits of skateboarding. But as a beginner, it is much better if you practice it indoors before taking it on the road. If you are taking classes to learn skate boarding you’ll have plenty of indoor space to practice. Once you are sure that you can manage on your own and that you can make swift movements on the board you can start using the boards outdoors.

Longboards are somewhat more expensive than regular skateboards because of their additional features that we discussed above. But you could also find them cheaper if you know where to look. The many numbers of online stores, for example, provide various promotional offers and discounts that you could avail. This way you could find the exact kind of skateboards you need and start your practice immediately.

Source by Michael K John

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