LPG Conversion For Your Car

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which is a generic term for a mixture of Propane and Butane gases. When stored under pressure, they become a liquid in much less space, making LPG easy to transport.

LPG and natural gas are similar in terms of usage. However, LPG produces greater heat due to its higher calorific value. However, you cannot use LPG in place of Natural gas appliances or vice-versa. Each type of gas requires different amounts of oxygen to burn properly, so different burners are needed in the appliances.

LPG is a convenient energy source used for many purposes including cooking, as well as Vehicle fuel. 40% of LPG comes from refining crude oil and 60% comes from field production.

The number of vehicles using LPG as an alternative to petroleum is growing rapidly. However, you cannot use LPG in a vehicle that is accustomed to taking petrol or Diesel. Therefore, conversion is seen as a cost-effective way of altering a petrol vehicle to run on LPG.

Most LPG conversions keep the old fuel tank and manage to use both the fuels. The kit used to change over to gas is quite simple. Advantages of conversion are it reduces carbon emissions, they are much quieter, reduces reliance on petrol and diesel & Lesser price than fossil fuels.

The vehicle must also have adequate space either in the rear or dashboard to house a unit for converting fuel or switching between types of fuel. Before a conversion, be aware that changing the vehicle may void any warranty on the car.

Source by Tom Daraske

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