Miles I Have Travelled


Miles have I travelled on earth and by sea

Airliners, boats, trains and cars carried me

Buses and bicycles, skates and on foot

Of movement and travel I’ve known a lot

Over earth and oceans and clouds above

Felt urge to explore and all Nature to love

On infant’s scooters I first learned to ride

Unaware of all future rides beside

Cycled quiet roads seeing island delight

And the slow peaceful ride in a ferry at night

I’ve enjoyed riding smooth miles on a bike

Done lots of walking but failed to hitch hike

Skimmed on ice to fall from skates and crashed

Strolled in sun, and in showers of rain I’ve dashed

I’ve rowed on the Torrens and had such fun

Ferry rides on Sydney Harbour and Swan

Travelled trams and buses and taxis, too

Electric blue sparks of a trolley bus to the zoo

I’ve shared with hundreds some days on a cruise

Roamed exotic markets new foods to choose

I’ve been on catamarans and on yachts

Hearing wind in sails and talk of reef knots

Fascinated I’ve seen castles in France

Imagined ancient times and olden dance

Motor boating on tropic waters warm

Exploring the green coral islands’ charm

Scary car-ride with a short sighted friend

Whose learner’s frailties I could not offend

I’ve learned to fly in a Tiger moth old

And mastered driving a car in the cold

Experienced torrid traffic hooters

Casually ridden on Italian scooters

Driven thousands of distance over dry sands

And flown thousands of miles to distant lands

Covered many hostile miles without fright

On steamer chugged and rolled across the Bight

I enjoyed the boat trip and ocean’s sight

As I’ve gone east to west and returned by flight

The great Nullarbor Plain I’ve watched glide by

Where you’ll not see a tree if you blink your eye

As the train rushes along from east to west

Or from west to east, if it’s there you love best

Lulled to sleep by rhythm of train’s strong wheels

I’ve known train-travel and the comfort it feels!

Miles over desert to seek desert well

I’ve travelled short, brave trips on a camel

Vast stretches of deserts been seen by me

And high mountains of snowed Himalaya

Been in an olden car in high Kathmandu

Drunk with beauty of Mt Annapurna

I’ve been alone in the old part of Kathmandu

Wishing I could have had luck to meet you

Walking round London’s grey wintry city

Longed that I’d more than a day – ’twas a pity

I’ve alone sped smooth in refined limousines

And free with the wind in my hair on a bike

Midst fierce storms I’ve known rough roll of waves

I’ve known the smooth quiet flight of a glider

I’ve seen the Pacific Ocean, silvered by Moon

Molten magic, whiteness in night-time gloom

I’ve strolled promenade’s companionable ways

And run to get to a meeting on time some days

I’ve swum a few miles – yes, only just a few

In surf, river, pool, bay, coral isle too

Climbed the high island cliffs of Lord Howe

Walked through nature’s lush rainforest below

Dived with flippers below the vast coral sea

So the underwater world also revealed to me

I’ve skipped, leaped and almost floated in space

Twirled and swirled in dance in absolute grace

I’ve played lots of tennis, exercised vigorous, free

I’ve bent, tended my garden and hugged a tree

Walked gentle miles of botanic gardens and flowers

In botanic gardens spent many satisfying hours

Experienced Fiji in summer- tourists humid delight

Contrasting our country’s dry heat plight

Enjoyed miles in markets’ exotic pleasures

Buying vivid garments and many fruit treasures

Noumea was the time to stop for languid waiting,

With scarlet poincianas my great consolation

Tahiti on arrival was sultry, strange, heavy, hot

Without motivation I really didn’t like it a lot

I’ve sauntered down laneways and run a race

Ridden a stubborn old nag in a foreign place

I remember fond rides in the old fashioned tram

And yearned for the gipsy home in a caravan

I’ve had static times and simple joys of a home

Moving as inclined as all free spirits roam

I’ve danced a reel with a partner in kilts

And taken a hesitant walk on stilts

Both polka and waltz I’ve skipped and danced

Even astral travelled as I’ve slept entranced

I’ve sailed the breezes on tropic waters warm

Waters smooth, clear with no fear of harm

I’ve known hardness of bumped travel in a jeep

And suffered later in getting to sleep

I’ve slept cold, alone in a sleeping bag

On a dark starry night, on a mountain crag

Ski lifts of Swiss alpine mountains so white

Offered beautiful views from their wintry height

I’ve flown over the white snows of the Alps

And over the eternal hard grey blue of the sea

En route to Peru’s Lima and old Cusco too

And by bus weaved our way up to Macchu Picchu

Sitting there at Macchu Picchu at last, quite still

Drinking in the beauty as I know you will

When you travel the miles over land and sea

To these ancient ruins, where mists rise ethereally

I’ve heard the magic music of Andean flutes

Played in the dry high Andean Mountains

Ridden the heavy red earth of plantation trees

Of coffee – with an old nag as mount for me

Observing the red earthed farms in Brazil

Not coffee but people attract me there still

There’re many ways I have travelled the miles

So many I can hardly think to count…

Rickshaws of orient novelty commonly seen

But mean, pain-racked the poor drivers have been

Travel by Indian pull-carts does cause a joke

Until thought is given to the poor feet of the driver bloke

I love the lull of the railway click-clack

Comfort, content – going forward, not back

Many the ways to enjoy past travel days

Retained by essence of memories ways

Excited by travel, yet often tired out by it

New things been seen and delights often shared

There’re many fine travel modes I’ve been shown

Yet one remains only to spacemen known

Even dreaming, my soul astral travels space

Returning at morn with smile on my face

But the nicest movement I now enjoy

Is the pure freedom my mind flight gives me

My mind has the wings I now most enjoy

When I want to travel from here to there

Mind knows no limit, no tickets to get

Passport and route by imagination is set

Spirit enjoys natural thrill of travel to see

New faces, new places, new flowers and trees

Strange habits and customs, landscapes galore

But after a while modern travel can prove a bore

The younger travel miles satiate our soul until

We know that it’s time to change and be still

Now instead of traveller’s strong urge to roam

Is a longing for blessed place to call home

It remains that we access beauty of all travel joy

When stored in the wealth of our memory’s employ

Of the wonder, wildness, natural glory of life

We’re privileged to have known it free of strife

Our world’s now threatened in many a way

Times for safe travelling are less day by day

I’ve known many modes, movements, travelled ways

And enjoyed the many miles of my travelling days

But perhaps best of all I like walking on foot

And being old now I desire most to stay put

Time now to recline on my couch with T.V.

To let all travel experience come to me.


To remember travel, new sights and sounds

Different strange people feet touching new ground

Nature and cities north, south, east and west

All places have a great charm of their own

As we test freedom’s wings and our heart sings

Memory reminds of the wonderful wild,

The glory, the beauty of the whole world

Recalling travel delights, I lie on my couch

Mind without limit, no tickets to get,

No passport, injections or noisy jet

No effort now required for muscle, limb

No reason to worry that eyes are dim

No need rely on technology’s skill

No need to fear an accident or spill

Quite the best of all movement I now enjoy free

Is this wonderful free flight my mind gives to me!………..

Source by Elizabeth S. Adams

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