Motorcycle Riders Need to Wear Protective Leather Clothing Like Leather Jackets and Leather Chaps

Why should motorcycle riders wear protective leather clothing? Because the high quality leather jackets and leather chaps can save your life as well as keep you warm and looking good.

I want to hit on the key aspects of why you are buying your leathers. Protection, Warmth, and Looks.

A lot of our customer’s main concern is safety. How safe are our jackets? Well, safety is one of those things that is hard to measure. (Like glove warmth, it really depends on how cold natured you are as to how warm you will feel.) I would suggest trying to determine how safe you feel you need to be vs. the leather thickness. Fox Creek Leather uses only the best, thick, and durable cowhides. So thick in fact, that an EMT went through 4 pair of shears to remove them after a wreck. You can read about this crash testimonial and others on our site. So yeah, our gear holds up.

You also need warmth when it is cool and a breeze when it is hot while still looking “cool” while riding. Almost all of our jackets have a vent system to help accomplish the comfort level of your ride. To keep cool, there are two generous vents in the front and in the back works (with a tough mesh shell) to allow maximum airflow. When it starts to cool off, just zip up your vents and put the zip out thinsulate liner back in it for added warmth.

Everything was designed by a motorcycle rider to ensure that you get the most functionality out of your leathers as possible. As an added bonus, you look good in the soft, buttery leather.

Anyway, to keep my blog from turning into a full blown advertisement, let’s move onto the topic of the leather itself. Specifically, what type of leather should you buy? What qualities should you be looking for in the leather itself?

Check the grain, the dye process, and the thickness of the leather.

The best leathers are thick, drum dyed, naked leather. This means that the grain of the hide is unaltered. (Lesser hides are corrected by sanding to remove imperfections, making it hard to see the grain). With naked leather, you can see the actual scars that that particular cow obtained during its lifetime. Only the highest quality hides can be used to make naked leather. Drum dyed leathers are immersed in a drum of dye and tumbled. This method provides the most even and permanent dying that will not bleed.

But the interesting thing is that I am talking about purchasing leathers from an online business. It’s hard to feel, inspect, and even smell the leathers over the internet. So it is important to check the return policy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter what they may be. Last but not least, get help with the sizing. Most companies sizing differs and help from a sales associate can save time and shipping expenses.

Source by Scarlett McGrady

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