The Greenhouse Effect – What is it and What Can We Do About It?

The Greenhouse Effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon whereby gases (such as carbon dioxide and methane) high in the Earth’s atmosphere trap the radiation from the sun’s rays as they are reflected off the earth’s surface. This keeps the planet at a steady temperature that supports life. At natural levels this is fine, however since the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century, humans have been releasing a lot more carbon dioxide into the air. This is making the gases in the atmosphere thicker and causing more of the sun’s radiation to be trapped in the atmosphere. This, in turn, leads to rising temperatures, which we now refer to as “global warming”.

Is there anything we can do about the Greenhouse Effect?

One of the largest sources of the additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil. We use these fuels to create electricity and energy for vehicles. The simple solution to reducing the rates of global warming is to develop and implement alternative energy sources and reduce our reliance on the burning of fossil fuels.

Whereas Governments and industry are making some efforts with this important goal, IPCC projections are that currently we are below necessary emission reduction targets that would avoid major climate change disasters.

Nevertheless, substantial amounts of money are being invested in the research and development of sustainable energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydro power. The Greenhouse Effect can also be improved by the growing interest in the electric and hybrid car market, which is expected to rise significantly in coming years.

The most important thing to remember is that the actions of every person on the planet make a difference to the rates of global warming. People often have a tendency to think that the problem is too big and that our individual behavior will have little consequence on the cumulative amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This attitude, when adopted by millions, is one of the biggest obstacles confronting the sustainable future of the planet. And it is the same mechanism that got us to where we are now!

What careers assist with the reducing the Greenhouse Effect?

The dangers associated with global warming have created several new industries and some exciting new career opportunities. Now is the time for people with green business ideas to implement them and work on creating a more environmentally sound future. Governments are providing huge incentives for the development of green industry and the general community is realizing more and more each day just how important this is. This is generating green business opportunities that have the potential to be very profitable.

One way that you can help to reduce the release of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels is to become an energy auditor. This can actually be a financially rewarding career. The problems associated with the greenhouse effect will be significantly reduced if people understand the ways that they can reduce their power consumption and waste in their residential and commercial properties. Becoming an energy auditor can give you knowledge and tools to really make a difference.

Source by Erik Leipoldt

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