Three Top Books on How to Live Green

There are many books that have become bestsellers in the market because of their theme how to live green, a manifestation of the public’s growing concern on the environment. One of these popular books is “Go Green, Live Rich” written by David Bach. This book provides 50 ways by which a reader can help protect the environment and at the same time earn or save some money in the process. Bach’s suggestions range from driving the car right to making homes more energy efficient.

There are more serious endeavors in Bach’s book too. These include having radical changes in lifestyles such as relying on a home garden to grow vegetables, abandoning a gas-guzzler of a family car to a more fuel-efficient service vehicle. Other tips are simple, easy-to-do suggestions like having idle appliances unplugged, using compact fluorescent lamps, and switching to vegetable-rich diets. Bach also promotes the advocacy promoting environmentalism in the entire family which means more family bonding in natural settings, exchanging e-cards instead of the regular card greetings, plus the requisite recycling home projects.

Another great read for those who want to be active in environmental endeavors is “The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time”. This book was written by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen, and shares the concerns of how Americans have endangered the ecological balance with the waste they produce, the amount of water and energy that they consumed. What makes this book a standout is that it contains the opinions and suggestions of some celebrities on how to live green.

These celebrities include Jennifer Aniston, Robert Redford, Faith Hill, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Ellen DeGeneres. This book identifies 12 habitat areas where people can make a significant impact in meeting the challenges of preserving a healthy environment. These areas include the offices, places of work and homes. Alternative lifestyles are suggested for each area, and everyday examples are cited instead of statistics to show how everybody can contribute to helping maintain ecological balance in the communities. Among the suggestions in the 224-page book is taking a shorter shower, a practical tip that could result in enormous water saving.

“Living Green: A Practical Guide to Simple Sustainability”, authored by Greg Horn, is another book worth reading by persons who look for practical ways to help save the environment and how to live green. This book, the result of years of research, provides solutions and advice that could be easily adopted in everyday living. One advice gives the 10 foods that consumers should prefer to be grown organically in order to contribute to lessening the perils of global warming. The book also details the personal care products and other household items that are chemical-rich and should therefore be replaced with more environment-friendly product options. Horn likewise shows the viable alternatives to the ubiquitous plastic water bottles that he says not ruin the environment but also the family budget as well. His book is also an eye-opener for such things as organic mattresses and carbon filters, prompting one reviewer to note that Bach’s work is one wise investment.

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