Build an Electric Car – Why Exactly Should You Convert Your Car Into an Electric?

An electric car conversion is the technical procedure of converting any existing automobile that is currently powered by gasoline into a vehicle that will run on electricity. This can be done by replacing the conventional internal combustion engine with an electric motor powered by batteries and control circuitry.

But how do you convert a gasoline-powered vehicle to an all-electric vehicle works? Where do you start?

Well, there are many ways of converting your old car to an electric car. For one, you can go to any company who does electric car conversion and avail of their services to have your car converted. Just be sure that the company you entrusted your car to is a reliable one. Another way of converting is by going back to the manufacturer of your car. Since they were the ones who built your car in the first place, it will be easier for them to convert it for you. They will have the technical expertise required to make sure that whatever is being done to your vehicle is well within their capabilities. You don’t have to worry about anything.

But if you don’t have the budget to bring your car to either of the two, there is always the third option. Convert it yourself. This way, you work within your means. You are your own boss. Basically, you do whatever you want to your car.

Studies show that there are electric car enthusiasts who have made EV conversion as a hobby. In North America, most conversions are performed by hobbyists who go out of their way to purchase any vehicle with a non-functioning engine and convert it to an electric car. This is the cheaper way of how they do it. Other hobbyists who have the budget prefer to convert a later model vehicle whose engine is in good running condition.

But before you decide to convert your SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) to a SUEV (Sports Utility Electric Vehicle), there are elements of a conversion that you have to be familiar with.

First, a vehicle candidate for conversion should be light and should have ample space for batteries. Second, you should be careful in choosing what kind of battery pack you will be putting in your electric car. Since it will be the primary source of electrical power, quality must not be compromised. There are lot of battery types that you can choose from such as lead acid flooded type and lithium battery.

It is also imperative to ensure that the power controller which regulates the flow of electrical energy between the battery and the electric motor is working properly. Other components of the electric car that should be given of equal importance are the electronic throttle, power conductors and driveline.

Since the electric car is a different kind of alternative fuel car because it uses electric motors and motor controllers rather than an internal combustion engine, knowing how to put it all together and make it all work is a difficult thing to do at first.

Not anymore! All you have to do is purchase any guide to electric car conversion via the internet and get started immediately. Knowledge is power and the power to convert is within your reach. Be an EV convert now!

Source by Ken Stevens

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