Car Batteries Guide to Top Manufacturers and Products: AutoCraft Gold and Silver and Optima AGM

At the heart of every vehicle there is a battery. Without the right size and type of battery, your car or truck just won’t run. AutoCraft and Optima are two of the leading brands for car batteries.

AutoCraft Gold and Silver

The AutoCraft Gold batteries are among the top-selling in the world. They are engineered for impressive starting power in any weather condition, including the coldest of days. All of this brand’s batteries meet or exceed manufacturers’ power requirements. The Gold battery features PowerFrame positive grid technology, which resists corrosion and eliminates premature failure. The manufacturing process for PowerFrame technology uses 20% less energy than the manufacturing processes of other vehicle batteries.

The Silver batteries are also good, although slightly less powerful. They are designed to be maintenance-free and easy to use, and provide superior starting performance. In fact, their grid technologies provide better electrical flow (up to 70%) than that of most other car batteries.

Another thing that should be mentioned about AutoCraft batteries – particularly the Gold models – is that they are engineered to work in vehicles with a lot of electrical accessories. If you have GPS, heated seats, a DVD player, or other electronic accessories, this is the brand of batteries you should be checking into.

Optima AGM Batteries

Another brand that offers high-performance batteries for vehicles is Optima. The RedTop AGM battery is a top-seller, with its extreme resistance to the causes of battery failure. It’s ideal for luxury cars, SUVs, and hot rods. It features Spiral Cell technology which provides extra vibration resistance. Consumers can expect RedTop AGM batteries to last for twice as long as a standard battery.

Optima batteries are designed to have a very high charge acceptance during recharges. Their sealed design makes them virtually maintenance-free and spill proof.

Since Optima uses a high purity (99.99%) of lead in its AGM batteries, they are expected to have a long life. The higher purity of lead means fewer contaminants.

Optima RedTop

The RedTop batteries offered by Optima are a great option for luxury cars and off-road vehicles. These are designed to deliver a powerful burst of ignition power. RedTop outperforms and outlasts standard batteries in the most demanding starting applications. It is easy to mount in many positions. With a strong 5-second starting burst and fast recharging capabilities, this is one of the best batteries money can buy for a luxury car.

No matter what kind of car batteries you need, keep these two brands in mind. You might also be interested in MotorCross or GS batteries, as these two brands have some quality products to offer as well. Whichever brand you decide to go with, make sure you choose the right size and type of battery for your vehicle make.

Source by George Botwin

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