Duke Tubtim – USANA MLM Superstar

Who is Duke Tubtim? First, he’s an amazing leader in an emerging group of entrepreneurs in this country. In the next 10 to 20 years a new entrepreneurial business model will dominate worldwide (if the rate Duke’s business is growing is any indication). It’s actually a very old business model, but one that, today is heavily scarred, and highly misunderstood.

Why did Duke get involved with a rip-off, according to some? A cult? What was he thinking? Here’s a little background: he had experienced struggles early in his life when his father suffered a stoke and his mother had to become the main source of income in the household. He worked traditional jobs to help out, including pizza delivery, but became frustrated and began looking for an alternative. He wanted something that would support his family even through difficult conditions like he had faced. This led him to start a network marketing business.

As with many, his initial experience in network marketing had an unfortunate ending when the company went out of business. He just about gave up on MLM then, but his friends and family encouraged him to persist in finding a company that could support their family needs.

Duke began researching MLM companies. What he eventually found was a company that impressed him due to their long term vision of affecting worldwide health. This company was USANA Health Sciences. After starting, he began to see improvements in his father’s condition because of the USANA products and this strengthened his belief that the company was “for real.”

USANA has turned into the vehicle for his passion to be able to support the needs of his family. And, speaking of vehicles, Duke also has a passion for cars, as do his teammates. He replaced a broken-down Toyota with a 2006 Bentley Continental GT and now owns a sizeable car collection, including a titanium 2003 Lamborghini and several racing cars.

Since he joined USANA in 2004, Duke has developed up a large team of Generation Y (from ages 18 to 25) individuals having similar goals as his own. His group is possibly larger than Generation Y groups in any other MLM company. Since USANA’s products focus on the baby boomers, this has been quite amazing.

Duke is an inspiring leader. He found that with network marketing, by expanding his skill he could also correspondingly enlarge his paycheck. He has educated his team in well-established personal development concepts that have determined his own achievement. Now, many company training sessions packed with baby boomers are taught by his Generation Y associates. His group always has the most spirit and practices a company-unique “dress for success” approach.

At the recent 2009 International Convention, his team crammed nearly half of the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City. So who is Duke Tubtim? Answer: One of the most amazing network marketing sensations to come along and one who is in position to revolutionize everything about entrepreneurship in this country.

Prior to the 2009 Convention, Duke advanced to 4-Star Diamond Director (typically mid-six figure earnings), with his new wife Sheila. Sheila, reportedly had a significant “job” mentality, so this “networking thing” has been quite different for her. The recent 4-Star achievement is just where things are starting out for this couple, as their passion turns to helping those on their team advance and building even bigger dreams. Network marketing and direct sales have a enormous potential for many young entrepreneurs if Duke and Sheila have anything to do with it.

Source by Jim C Green

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