Go Green With Your Vending Machine Business!

Do you own or work in a vending machine business? Here are a few options to help Green your business.

1. Go Paperless – Do all of your billing and payments online without paper. Instead of printing you could also print to PDF (Using a program like CutePDF) and print anything electronically to your computer.

2. Run your company vehicles on Waste Vegetable Oil or Biodiesel

3. Install Vending Miser, a vending machine energy controller (not a timer)

There is a substantial amount of savings for you and your customers by simply reducing the amount of energy your machines use. If you don’t have any energy star vending machines, Vending Miser is an affordable alternative that saves about $200 or 1600 kWh per year (almost the same as an energy star machine). It requires no machine modification and installs in 5-10 minutes. A study done by Foster Miller concluded that when using Vending Miser a savings of $50 – $70 per year can be achieved in reduced maintenance costs, meaning that you and your customer save money to operate your business. Incentives may be available in your area to offer this device at low or no cost. Contact me (contact info below) for more information about incentives.

Vending Miser can also be installed on Energy Star machines and increase the savings. My business partner, Bruce, always uses the analogy of leaving an efficient light bulb on all day. Just because something uses less energy, it doesn’t mean we should waste energy.

Vending Miser uses a motion sensor and smart electronics to safely shut down the machine when no motion has been detected. A temperature sensor inside the device monitors the temperature around the machine and powers the machine back on every 1 – 3 hours so beverages do not increase in temperature. On very warm days the Vending Miser will not shut off the machine so the vending machine can keep the drinks inside cool.

Vending Miser is also a very visible symbol that you and your customers promote conserving energy. The motion sensor has several LED’s to let you know if the device is working properly or if the machine needs attention. Vending Miser can identify if a compressor is constantly running and notify you with flashing lights.

If you would like to purchase vending miser or learn more about the Incentives may be available in your area to lower the cost of the VendingMiser, in some areas you may be able to provide this device at no cost. If you have any questions about this device or its incentives feel free to contact me through our website at http://www.anchorsenergy.com/vendingmiser

Source by Aaron Husak

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