Hexagon Shaped Kite Wind Turbines for Military Defense System Considered

Is it possible to collect energy while building a missile defense radar system, one which easily detect stealth technologies, and one which is self powered? I believe it is and thus, I have such a plan and concept ready-made to see such an idea to fruition.

You see, the other day some graduate kids from Harvard and MIT asked some of my thoughts on their tubular shaped kit-like wind turbine generator collecting the constant off-shore breeze or on-shore breeze depending on the prevailing seasonal winds.

They wanted to market this alternative energy generation to grab some free-flowing taxpayer funding for the politically correct Global Warming scheme. Sure, where ever there is funding people show up to get their barrels filled. In looking at their design, well it won’t work without major modifications, which I assume they will figure out eventually on their own through trial and error and more funding.

Now then, I wouldn’t advise in investing in any more flying wind turbine contraptions, but I can think of an alternate use for this design with major modifications. First, the tube shape is silly, and a morphable hexagon-shape would make more sense to me from an engineering design standpoint and for transportability (stuff it into a container and popup). Okay so, this concept would be smart for a Military Market Segment for this innovation.

In fact, I wrote an eBook not too long ago, “Unmanned Vehicle Robotic Warfare – Hide and Seek Strategies” and in this eBook I mentioned and there is a chapter on Military usage of dirigibles after an “Electromagnetic Pulse” is used to take out enemy communication, radar, computers, and electric grid. Such a system would be perfect for this: Section III – Page 29. Indeed, I believe there are some good thoughts on a potential military applications, but why stop there?

The concept of early warning defense off the Atlantic Coast using Ultra Sound and Cell Tower frequency plumes: Cell Tower plumes reveal and detect stealth aircraft has been noted amongst International Defense Professionals. And let’s not forget that the Russians newest 5th Generation stealth Fighter aircraft (copy of our technology) will be available in 5-years, it is going through testing phase now.

We need to be able to detect such incoming aircraft. Indeed, you can ask any Air Force military advisor about this, and the Russians keep challenging our Northern defense radars, the Canadians have scrambled planes several times in the last few years, and they are testing the system more these days. You can bet when the Russians finally do have the technology to get in and out undetected they will sell those systems, stealth technologies, and equipment to the Chinese.

Now then, consider Google’s Plan for offshore transmission line. Aerial wind turbine blades create ultrasound plumes, some fairly large ones. So, if we hook hundreds of these systems into that transmission line, and provide military early warning defense for stealth, plus maritime emergency cell tower – it’s all good.

Thus, this system provides energy and also becomes an integral component, plus the system could call in power transmission data to the grid operator’s computer. Additionally, we will eventually have UUVs or Underwater Unmanned Vehicles out there swimming a grid to detect submarines, which could potentially launch missiles very close without time for us to react. In this case the UUVs could recharge at a terminal near the buried underwater transmission cable.

Okay so, think of the benefits to such units where no giant tower needs to be built or base, all you need is a safety anchor and a buoy – fly the hexagon shaped wind turbine unit like a kite? And it can collect the weather data too, also the NOAA is now run by a former Navy Admiral, and they’d certainly will like the idea for powering up some of the islands near various maritime choke points around the world, with eyes in the sky, and free power to the islanders thanks to the State Department bearing gifts and diplomacy!

The DOD is concerned that we could lose our satellites in a war with China, and if they or another nation attacked many satellites there would be debris everywhere, taking out the rest of all of the communication. And there is concern of high magnitude solar flares and the next Solar Max is coming of course. They should be concerned it is a threat that must be mitigated to maintain our National Defense.

Now then, these kite-wind turbines will need a decent useful load and robust, reliable, and sturdy platform, so one question might be; how much can we put on this thing and still guarantee it will remain airborne 24/7/365? Certainly, such an undertaking is too large for a group of kids fresh out of grad school, but someone with this technology could score a huge partner like Boeing, Lockheed, L3, Raytheon, Northrop, or GE. And the more I think about it, the more all this makes sense to me.

Source by Lance Winslow

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