Jeepneys – The Most Popular Means of Transportation in the Philippines

In the Philippines Jeepneys are hands down the most popular means of public transportation. They are so distinct that they have become an official symbol of the Philippine culture. This vehicle was originally made out of US military jeeps that were left over from World War II and they are known for their flamboyant decoration and crowded seating arrangement. Several different types of Jeepneys have been produced since the war but they just recently began evolving it in response to the economic and environmental concerns.

A Second Generation Jeepney is a fully assembled vehicle that is made of refurbished engines. Some have air-conditioning units installed, especially in the city of Makati. These types of Jeepneys are super noisy and flashy in style. Almost all Second Generation Jeepneys run on diesel and they are very well known for smoke belching. Third Generation Jeepneys are manufactured using new engine components and many come equipped with an improved air-conditioning system. These type of Jeepneys more closely resemble a mini-bus. The new Future Generation Jeepneys are currently being tested in Makati. Not many of this type have been deployed yet because of the rise of oil prices and the call on reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

E-Jeepneys, which can also be referred to as minibuses, were launched by Makati’s mayor Jejomar Binay in 2007. These electrical Jeepneys can be charged through the means of an electrical socket that uses power from biodegradable waste. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board classified this vehicle as LSV (low-speed vehicles). This is just another term for a 4-wheel automobile that uses alternative fuels and runs a maximum of 40 kilometers per hour. The E-jeepney is an environmentally, and culturally relevant vehicle as it can carry seventeen passengers and it runs up to 120 km on an 8 hour charge.

Although the originally Jeepneys are just refurbished military jeeps, modern Jeepneys are now being produced by plenty of Philippine factories and independent workshops. Since this is “the first public transport system of its kind in South-East Asia.,” many other governments have been manufacturing a version of the Jeepney. This includes China and every other major island in the Philippines. Overall, the Jeepney is simply made by refurbishing old jeep parts or building newer parts that will prove beneficial in the long run. It all got started when the Filipinos stripped down every jeep in their area and added metal roofs and decoration to make the Jeepney, a more colorful public ride.

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