Jump Start Your Vehicle With a Easy Start Battery Charger

Equipment failure can be minimized through proper vehicle maintenance and care. But even with proper maintenance, car lights can accidentally be left on, or the radio left on for a long period of time, causing power loss. What should you do if you are caught in such a predicament? Keep the following pointers in mind.

1. DON’T PANIC….As with any incident the worst thing you can do is Panic.

2. If not already off the road, try to stay out of harms way.

3. Warn other drivers by using Reflective Safety Triangles or Emergency Lights (both of which are available in your Red Cross Emergency Safety Kit).

4. Check your battery by turning the ignition key to the Start Position. If you hear a rapid clicking sound, or the lights come on and then go dim, or no sound at all, check the battery connections.

5. To no avail, it is time to use your Easy-Start Battery Charger which can be located in your American Red Cross Basic Auto Safety Kit.

6. Remember gases emitting from the battery, so do not smoke or light a cigarette around the battery.

7. Do not attempt to push start your vehicle, besides this being a great danger to you and others, this could also damage your engine.

8. Avoid all contact with battery acid…it is very corrosive.

9. Do not disconnect the battery of a DISABLED vehicle.

10. Be certain the vehicle to be jumped and the assisting vehicle are not touching. Also be sure you are not touching both vehicles at the same time while charging.

11. Turn your Easy-Start Battery Charger to the “test” position, and insert the plug into the dead car’s 12-volt/lighter receptacle.

12. Insert the other plug into the receptacle of the car with the good battery.

13. In the car with the dead battery turn the ignition key to the Off position. A test light will turn green and the charge light will turn red to indicate a good, solid connection.

14. Turn the Easy-Start Battery Charger switch to the “Charge” position.

15. Start the vehicle with the good battery and leave it running until it charges the dead battery.

16. Once the car with the dead battery is properly charged, do not shut off the vehicle until you reach your destination; and then immediately have the battery checked for proper voltage.

Always remember to Keep the Easy-Start Battery Charger out of the reach of children.

The Easy-Start Battery Charger is only designed for emergency purposes.

Be certain the input to your car is 12-volts. Do not use a 24-volt power supply, as this can harm your vehicle’s electrical system.

The Easy-Start Battery Charger is part of your Red Cross Basic Auto Safety Kit.

Source by Diane Fehrenbacher

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