SimuRide HE Learning to Drive Without the Fear

My teenage daughter has been bugging me about learning to drive. With my busy schedule I really do not have the time and my budget could not support the prices the driving schools in my area. I went online to see if there were some other alternative and settled on the SimuRide HE. It has long been a right of passage for both child and parent; the parent takes their teen to some deserted stretch of highway or vacant lot. There they give them the keys to a potentially dangerous piece of machinery. They get in with them and begin the lesson and the prayers. There are always a lot of variables that can make this right of passage day a nightmare. I have managed to bypass the fear and frustration with this one. I still have nightmares from teaching my eldest. He found something to run into in a deserted parking lot. Luckily it was only at two miles an hour. Whew! Here are the reasons I would recommend the SimuRide Home Edition.

Teenagers will be able to gain the confidence and the skill level needed to handle such an awesome responsibility as driving without ever leaving home. SimuRide HE is a bold new concept in home schooling. It educates the novice driver on signs and other rules of the road and lets them experience driving on a street or highway with or without traffic. It is designed for used with any standard steering wheel and pedal set that connects to the personal computer. Turn any computer in your home into a driving simulator in just minutes with the SimuRide HE software. The young motorist-to-be can gain the proficiency and skills necessary to get confidence before ever setting foot on a real pedal.

Think back to your first driving experience, along with the excitement there was the underlying fear that may have caused many mistakes. The overall anxiety for most of us was something we may have not thought about in a long while. The cold fear of uncertainty is a constant companion when you are first learning to drive.This fear can be a thing of the past with the SimuRide HE driving simulator.

Professional Driving Schools are costly and in this economy who can afford it. Most of these do not use a simulator but the training cars that have dual wheels and pedals. This is still putting your child and motorists at risk as anything could happen on the road. Even without accidents, the amount of road rage from impatient drivers is stressful and risky. The dual driving mechanism of the student driving cars create some security but it doesn’t prevent others from hitting them. Take the worry away with a SimuRide HE driving simulator. It not only is the safest way to let your teen learn to drive, but it will be fun as well. The young driver will get the experience without the fear of dire consequences if he or she makes a mistake. This fear is what generally causes the mistake to happen in the first place.

The design of the program lets young drivers learn to handle and control an average sized automatic transmission vehicle. Many agree that they would have liked to use a simulator if only it had been available when they were learning. The SimuRide Home Edition is a highly relevant gift idea for any one learning to drive. I know that sitting here writing this and hearing her practice her driving skills in her bedroom gives me peace of mind.

Source by Anita Kearney

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