The Lihmoirils – Rebellion of the Little Lion

(Journey into the Third Era)

(20,983 BC–Part Four)

Illiria, the hybrid born of Tyr and King Roneaf’s wife, Ewwam, was now seventeen years old, some eight feet tall, and quite a sportsman, and military officer. He was well liked among his own kind, the hybrids from the 200-demonic creatures that were now cohabitating with the women of Lihmoir. Many of the demonic forces took for them wives from married Lihmoirils, and their daughters at will, and now there were more children than the original two-hundred.

Illiria had now taken sides with the Lihmoirils, and had visited Roklem the Poet, and Rodlon, the previous advisor to King Roneaf. He wanted to help, and in this meeting in Rodlon’s grotto (help free the planet of chaos from the two-hundred renegade demonic forces), Odlon the Seer was present. In addition, Illiria, had found six young comrades his age, or perhaps a year younger, who felt the way he did, that the planet would never survive as long as the evil forces outnumbered the good forces.

And what could he do and his giant comrades do to rid the evil forces of the planet once and for all, assuming Rue would not intervene, for he had twice before, and twice he was let down.

The name of the followers of Illiria was: Ralov, Thogrom, Omlu, Ronaef’el, Ramadle, and Ewlo.

The Great Summit of Chaeronsierra

It was the third day of the meeting, called, ‘The Great Summit of Chaeronsierra,’ and Odlon the Seer had made several swords out of a meteorite, it was so strong it would, with the might of a strong man, cut through an enemy’s sword. And thus, Odlon, sitting around a fire, with the other guests, cast a spell on the swords, and summoned the several members of the Think Tank, the collateral and cosmic body that had oversaw Toso, years prior, in particular the Cobbler, asking the Cobbler if he and his group would be the new vanguard of Lihmoir, and how could the forces of Illiria overpower their parents?

The Cobbler did appear at the third meeting, in the physical form, he was likened to his comrades (The General, Governor, Captain…etc.) under the command of Rue, yet Rue had given them the planet Toso to rule over (but that is of course history now).

This, said the Cobbler, “At your request I have come, Rue has given only me to you for advise, and I myself am not beyond the power of Marduk and his horde, perhaps equal at this moment to them, but surely not able to devour all two-hundred, as I’m sure you would like me to,” pointing to Illiria.

The Little Lion (Illiria) then showed his teeth saying, “Cannot you or the Seer, make my fangs poisonous and thus, when I bite the enemy, they will disappear?”

The Cobbler smiled, said not a word, as if it was a rhetorical question, but added,

“I have an idea, a psychological tactic, with substance.”

(During this meeting the Seer gave to each of Illiria’s forces a sword, to include Illiria. Then he cast a spell on the swords, and they glowed, as if they were of radiation, and he said, once you cast this sword deep into the guts of the enemy, they will be bound into the abyss of the same material they had once come out of through a crack made by the old king, King Roneaf.) And all who listened believed. And he named the spell, “The Spell of the Little Lion,” and the swords took the names of its owners and spoke as if they were living things.

And Rue planted into the minds of the two-hundred demonic beings, this obsession of death to those who would be cut deep by the swords. But only the Cobbler and Seer knew of this. And word had swept through the Kingdom–as often times bad news does–that a meeting had taken place in the grotto of Rodlon, and Marduk, the Tiamat and Agaliarept heard the echoes of the meeting, they called these echoes to their chamber, and listed to them for hours, read the hearts of those who spoke, and those who listened at the meeting, and those who believed this was so. And they could not discriminate a falseness of this (though it was psychosomatic). And the demon heard the swords talk, and knew it was of a higher power, and they wondered and worried.

Henceforward, the day of the battle arrived, and all seven young hybrids, stood solidly together at the gates of the city, in the uttermost darkness, the Little Lion, was in front of all six. The hearts of the 200 were sunk in despair, Marduk and the Tiamat, left, as did all the others except Semyas, who claimed, he did not go along with the group, therefore was not subject to its punishment of abandonment. And Illiria, gave him refuge, and allowed him to remain in his old position (astrometry demon).

And so closes a chapter on Lihmoir history, but let me add for your sake, Illiria became the youngest King on Lihmoir, as the Poet, stepped down, by his own free will, and did what he did best, write poetry and wrote his journal; the people elected a hero in his place, and were very proud of him. And it also must be said; King Illiria admired King Nirut, as perhaps the Alexander of the Black Galaxy; as we all must have heroes. And in time, Illiria would become liken to Augustus of Rome, and rule the planet for 44-years, and then … (well that’s another story).

Index of Characters and Places

The names of the followers of Illiria were:

Ralov, Thogrom, Omlu, Ronaef’el,

Ramadle and Ewlo

Semyas, the Astrometry Demon

Sesra, the Chief Maker (nomadic tribe leader)

Illiria, son to Ewwam and Tyr the Demon

The Great Mountains: Chaeronsierra

Agaliarept, the Henchman

King Roneaf: of Lihmoir

(Who seeks he Iron Core)) The Great Enclosure of Totemic))

Land of the Trees of Namear

Lord Rue of the Black Galaxy

The Cobbler of the Think Tank

Roklem, the story teller (Poet)

Rodlon, the High Priest and Adviser

Ewwam, wife to the King

Odlon, seer of the Dark Tree forest of Namear

Tyr, a demonic being, insane and lustful

Marduk, the Dark Lord of Hell, third in Command

Tnailognu, the Great sea of Lihmoir

Outline written, 7-21-2007

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

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