What is NMR Fuel Saver?

NMR Fuel Saver is a high-powered but simple device (NMR stands for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The magnet was created by giving a certain amount of controlled radio wave to the metal so that it becomes a magnet). It is a small cube shaped magnet, the size is about 2.5″ x 2″ x 2″ only and weight around 220g each unit.

It was made with ceramic alloy magnet, so that it can last long and can stand the heat produced in the engine and surrounding weather. It was covered with the refractory plastic casing to withstand the heat in the engine and for absorbing the engine vibrations on the magnet.

It is suitable to fix on all type of cars in any situation, old or new car, using gas or diesel, with carburetor or fuel injection. Even more corroded, dirtier and stickier the deposit in your car fuel systems, the more obvious your car performance and mileage will increase.

You will be able to sense your car ascendant and acceleration instantly after installations, engine run smoother, state surprised stall notably lesser and speed idle increase (speed idle should be decreased according to manufacturer specifications within one or two weeks after installing NMR Fuel Saver).This is the direct connection for more effective fuel burning.

Establishment period is the time taken to dissolve varnish/carbon deposit and saturate (magnetize) the combustion chamber of the fuel systems fully. Saving in initial stage maybe vary due to resolution and dissolution of carbon particles and varnish in the systems.

After establishment period, engine will run smoother and it will start easier. Establishment period will take about 1,600 km to 2,000 km of journey.

How to Install?

NMR fuel saver consist of two parts. Both parts should be fixed at parallel positions with it screws or/and binder strapped to both parts.

1. Press NMR Fuel Saver on fuel channel in the engine, before the carburettor or fuel injector

2. Install it 2″- 4″ before carburetor/fuel injection or between fuel pump and carburettor,

3. Diesel engine, install NMR Fuel Saver on fuel channel after fuel pump entry.

NMR Fuel Saver for Maximum Power and Fuel Efficiency

o Have been tested and proved can enhance road mileage until 35 %

o Improve engine power and performance to the peak.

o Promote comprehensive fuel burning and reduce engine noise.

o Able to clean and protect carburetor and spark plug

o Able to clean and prevent carbon and varnish deposit

o Prolong engine life

o Reduce pollution by burning all the hydrocarbon and reducing carbon monoxide emissions. Thus reduce the effect of global warming.

o Lifelong warranty.

Source by Shasha Mohamed

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