Why Do We Need OMR Software?

The traditional examination procedures, now have been changed to smart OMR solutions. The administrative bodies like school, colleges and organizations prefer OMR based exams. These papers offer an equivalent opportunity to the aspirant irrespective of their handwriting clarity.

The response sheets are evaluated using the optical mark recognition technology. It will read the human- marked data that is encrypted on the OMR sheets.

For processing and evaluation of bundles of OMR sheets, you can use an OMR Scanner or OMR Software. The OMR Scanner is restricted for the processing of Optical mark recognition sheets. They are expensive and hard to maintain. However, the OMR Software is economic in nature, offering easy maintenance services. It helps to reduce the human intervention, thereby ensuring minimum human efforts with advance functionality features.

The OMR Scanner Software will provide you an extra edge of hybrid functionality. The user can easily design, crop images and export data. The sheet processing software incorporates a variety of pre-defined template designs for the response sheets, and can also design sheets as per their requirements. Special softwares have been designed to support the addition of images on the sheets like adding logos of brand, school,board, organization, etc. This software will help in smooth differentiation of candidates using bar-codes to hide an aspirant’s identity. The data from the response sheets is converted to an electric form, which can easily be routed to cloud and used for further forefront analysis.

This software is a customer-centric customized tool. It offers splendid flexibility to process dozens of sheets in one go. The result generated can be stored online with optimum security and can be analyzed in the future. It is compatible with all scanner units listed as of type flatbed, ADF, MFP. The software incorporates scanned sheets to evaluate and calculate the final results. The software is programmed such that it can identify a couple of sheets that have been misplaced among thousands of sheets. The user is able to equip any type of sheet for designing and printing, can use legal, letter, A5, A4, A3, etc. It will also mark the duplicate responses and the mandatory fields. Data sorting is also featured to make swift sorting and filtering as per the requirements.

OMR Sheet Scanning Software offers a splendid functionality, and has been adapted in a variety of sectors ranging from education, technology, cooperate, etc. The academic bodies are using this software to evaluate to examination scores, cooperates are implementing the technology to analyze their employee’s performance. This is also accepted to conduct smooth surveys and attaining user responses and feedbacks, as in the reports can be generated instantaneously. Considering an example: If a company is conducting a survey to check the employee feedback to their place of work.

So, the best suited solution to all the OMR related issues is to purchase an ideal OMR software, that is the key to simplex processing techniques and advanced functionality features.

Source by Janetta Ainslee

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