Benefits of All Wheel Drive Vehicles

If you are like me, the worst nightmare a driver can have while driving on wet surface is losing grip in slippery conditions. This can make you consider buying an all-wheel drive vehicle. The manufacturers have noticed this and nowadays provide an all-wheel drive option to most of their models.

Karl Brauer, CEO of said “There’s more AWD options available today because of the added stability in poor weather as well as dry weather.” This would make you ask yourself what other reasons would make drivers go for all-wheel drive vehicles. Below are top reasons:

Part-Time 4WD

This is the basic AWD system available. The driver changes the car from 2WD to 4WD when he requires by shifting a lever or pressing a button.

1. Activating the AWD sends power to front wheels and the rear wheels as well.

2. It can be adjusted by the driver in order to have the required torque while in 4WD.

3. The AWD should not be used on dry or hard surfaces because it has no center differential. This makes the front and rear axles rotate at same speeds even when in bends. This is can spoil your car.

4. This system is less complicated compared to others.

5. It is also less costly to manufacture compared to other systems.

6. The low manufacturing costs lead to low prices in the market. This is good news for shoppers. This can explain why they tend to have lower entry levels in the market.

7. This type of car is more durable when subjected to heavy stress.

8. Its components do not tear and wear frequently since they are only used when the driver requires.

9. The two-wheel drive system is normally slightly quieter than when in four-wheel drive mode. This is a relief especially if the car does not have enough sound insulation.

10. The part-time system is a good friend to your pocket when it comes to fuel consumption, compared to permanent four-wheel drive in which power goes to all the wheels at all times.

Permanent 4WD (full-time 4WD)

Vehicles with full-time four-wheel drive have not two-wheel drive system. Power goes to all the four wheels with or without anyone’s consent. Here are its advantages.

11. The driver does not need to worry about shifting levers while driving. This allows him/her to mainly concentrate on the road throughout the journey.

12. There is no lag time for four-wheel activation since the vehicle is already in a four-wheel mode.

13. This system has a center differential. This enables such vehicles to travel on hard surfaces and dry pavements without damaging its components or bind wheels in turns.

14. In some permanent 4WD vehicles, the more traction can be achieved by locking the center differential. This turns to be ideal when driving on rugged off-road.

15. Automatic four-wheel-drive vehicles monitor and sense their own traction requirements as they move. This helps them automatically adjust the power required by the wheels.

Source by Jennifer Hulbert

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