Cross Training With Your Trikke – How to Stay in Shape When You Can’t Run, Surf, Ski Or Bike

If fun and adventure is the name of your game then the Trikke scooter is the recreational vehicle for you. Its innovative design allows you to recapture the addictive feeling of skiing, snowboarding and surfing at speeds (for master Trikkers) of up to 19 mph. For enthusiasts of those wind-eating, life-embracing sports, the Trikke offers an ideal alternative for staying in shape while having maximum fun when you are otherwise unable to ski, surf, rollerblade, run or ride a bike. Here’s why…

Skiing and Trikke-ing are similar in many ways. Both involve a “slaloming” motion, i.e. moving in a winding or zigzag fashion. And they require a continuous and coordinated body movement that grants a full aerobic workout, using almost every muscle in the body. Both Trikke-ing and skiing require wide-open groomed spaces, concentrated effort and persistent practice. And once you get down the basics of carving, Trikke-ing and skiing both provide a life-affirming, nearly addicting feeling of exhilaration.

The problem is that, as revitalizing and fulfilling as skiing is, it is limited to the presence of snow. Hence, you can ski only in the appropriate conditions, which may require waiting for months or traveling to a mountainous ski resort. Your Trikke scooter allows you to practice the same slaloming technique on the smooth pavement of your neighborhood. Since it is easier to learn, you can start practicing different techniques of carving on your Trikke scooter to control your speed and gain endurance. Once you master the moves, you can apply what you’ve learned on the Trikke to your next ski run.

Surfing is a surface water sport that involves riding on the crest or along the tunnel of a wave on a surfboard. Similar to riding the Trikke scooter, surfing also requires movement of your body to balance your surfboard on the wave. And both Trikke-ing and surfing give you a full-body, low impact workout while having enormous fun in the sun. Obviously though, in order to catch good waves, you can only surf in specific locations at certain times of the day. Some places even have certain seasons for optimum surfing. So if you don’t live by the sea or cannot perform your beloved surfing for any reason, you can always experience the exhilaration of riding a wave by carving with your Trikke. To accelerate your Trikke, you will be using the same muscles required to balance on your surfboard, only with your Trikke scooter you will be doing it on the more easily accessible surface: your neighborhood pavement. The Trikke offers the same workout and excitement as surfing only in opposite circumstances – surfing when you want to get wet, and Trikke-ing when you want to stay dry.

Millions of people globally accept bicycles as their transportation of choice for commuting. It is a very good low impact aerobic exercise that can also tone your leg and thigh muscles. However, for people who want a fun core exercise workout in addition, the Trikke is a better option.

You can even use the Trikke scooter alternately with your bicycle to tone different muscle groups. Moreover, when it’s raining out, if you have the space, you can use your Trikke as an indoor exercise machine because of its superior maneuverability. Driving your Trikke scooter around objects inside your office, home or garage can prove to be a lot of fun: your own little mini Trikke obstacle course.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Trikke-ing, you can start using it for long distance travel. Riders who regularly use their Trikkes 2-3x/week will attain a distance of 8-15 miles per cruise. It’s easy to commute part way on your Trikke scooter, if you choose. Because it’s light weight and portable, you can just fold up your Trikke and carry it onto the bus, subway train or even inside many buildings with no problems.

Many people, especially teens, find rollerblading an exciting recreational passtime not only because of the speed they can attain, but because of the freedom of movement it offers. Are you aware that free-styling is also one of the main features of your Trikke? If you love performing tricks on your skates and skateboard, you can further demonstrate your agility, skill and versatility by performing tricks on your Trikke. With its extreme maneuverability, the Trikke’s movements are limited only by your own skills. So when local Trikke exhibition games are staged, you don’t have to be a mere spectator; you can be an active participant in the event.

Furthermore, if you’re recovering from an injury from rollerblading or skateboarding, you don’t have to stay at home and let your body dissolve into mush, you can still go Trikke-ing with little concern for safety. As Emporia State University associate professor Mike Butler attested while they were studying the effects of Trikke on the body used as an exercise device, “… for someone rehabilitating from a back injury or a knee injury, it (the Trikke) can be ideal.”

Cross training with your Trikke scooter will allow you to stay in shape while having fun even when you can’t run, surf, ski, rollerblade or ride a bike.

Source by Jae Winters

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