Four Wheelers Have Never Been Better

When we a see a car or a van, one word comes pops up in our head: four wheeler. Humans have always tried to achieve progress in all fields. In the transport system too, we are not behind. The first cars were made a very long time ago, but a concrete model was born in the eighteenth century.

Initially, steam and heat were used as a medium of fuel. As time passed, Gasoline, petrol and diesel were introduced after much research and hard work. Engineers and inventors constantly tried to improve technology and to find new alternatives for the usage of these novel wonders.

Wants and needs are never ending and hence finding excellence in science and technical areas will always be an important goal for us. Today, all types of cars and heavy vehicles are available for all kinds of prospective clients. In addition; they are top class, and not just your average kind.

Moving people from one place to another is the primary and an indispensable function of the vehicle. The rides are comfortable and problem free. The duration of travel is also less and speed is a factor. Carrying goods to their respective destination or supplying them is one more common use.

For a car to work it needs fuel. Petrol, diesel and gasoline are all types of fuel. Combustion caused by these chemicals, results in pollution. For this reason alternative mediums are necessary for reducing pollution. Some options such as LPG and water, have been put to the test but have not been fully successful. Only the developed countries have tried these methods.

These four wheeled objects move with the help of an engine. The engine uses an internal combustion formula to burn fuel and supply power to the vehicle. This power that is generated helps the car or truck to move Engines can be of many types: two stroke, four stroke etc.

Automobiles are also used for entertainment and for promotion. Racing and speeding competitions are examples. Luxury cars are produced for the rich and the elite; they can afford to buy them. These cars are very expensive and use the latest technology available. Their features may be related to high speed, design, or comfort.

The automobile invention has revolutionized transportation and travel Many obstructions have been removed. People find it very convenient and relaxing, moving about in a car. Protection from outside elements such as rain, heat and dust particles is guaranteed. Automobiles can carry more people and load.

Goods carriers and transportation trucks simplify the moving process and contribute to industrialization. Even the government derives a lot of benefit on behalf of vehicles. Ambulances, fire emergency trucks, and army vans have proved to be very successful. For cleaning and sanitizing purposes too, their use is unavoidable.

Nothing and nobody is perfect. The case of the auto industry is also similar. It is one of the most successful and pioneering ones of all times but has its disadvantages which are: Mileage problems, high costs and over production, road rage and accidents. Therefore, one can safely say that the good points overpower the bad ones, in this case.

Source by James Frolsburg

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