How to Save Gas With a Hydrogen Water Charged Engine

It’s no secret that over the past decade, gas prices have gone up tremendously. It’s not likely that any person in their 20s would have ever experienced gas prices that were $2 per gallon. Now, it’s easily up to $3 and $4 per gallon and higher in some places. There is a solution though – one that many tech-savvy people are looking into. This is the hydrogen water charged engine or hydrogen generators. This technology helps to combat rising fuel costs by using ordinary tap water to help fuel the vehicle, thereby helping the environment as well. HHO kits are easy to build and install. They have plenty of benefits as well.

Hydrogen generators work off a basic chemical reaction – water dissolving into its components of hydrogen and oxygen. This is done by a process called electrolysis, which applies an electric field to the streams of water in the container to split it into its components of oxygen and hydrogen due to the two elements having opposite electrical charges. So as long as you have a good supply of ready water in your car, you’ve got a reasonable source of fuel to use in this setup. However, water is rather heavy, so it’s likely not feasible to try and replace your entire system with a hydrogen generator. Plus that’d take a lot more equipment than most people have available.

Many companies have been trying to push for the inclusion of HHO generators in select models of their cars, but with the ease of getting them installed and created from parts around the home, these companies are giving up on this effort. Though it is better to use an HHO with a condenser, people don’t because these models can cost upwards of $1500 before installation. However, if water vapor forms on the walls of the engine, it can do damage just as if gasoline were clogging the pipes. Condensers are able to solve this problem. There are several benefits to the use of hydrogen as fuel, such as a cleaner engine, cleaner exhaust and a cleaner environment due to less carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide being put into the air from burning conventional gasoline. In fact, the IRS is recognizing taxpayers who choose green lifestyles and is offering them tax credits for their actions.

There are plenty of sites online that offer instructions on how to build your own HHO generator out of spare parts, or things that you can easily get from a hardware store. The good thing is that building one yourself can be 95% cheaper compared to getting a large company to install it. Plus, gasoline costs a lot more than tap water does, so you’ll only be paying half at the pump what you normally would in the best of times, because you can replace half your fuel with water.

Building a hydrogen water charged engine is one of the best ways for people to cut back on oil use while helping to save the environment from greenhouse gases. Whether or not you decide to install one yourself or buy one is up to personal preference and the amount of money available to you.

Source by Arthur Maxwell

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