The Oligarchy Age ((The Age of Events) (2038 A.D.))

Errors of interpretation, which is what this poem is!

Reread in the year 2038 A.D.

Not important, no historical spikes.

Looking back across these twenty – four years that has lapsed since my last breath, events and the manners of how these events, became events can be a little confusing, once unveiled, not so clear to us, most of us lacking a position on them, but events nonetheless –

Nay, let me merge these events, and described them, as I see them!

These facts were known back then, yet not of any inestimable value!

But here again we enter into error of viewpoint, based on values, bias and

Biblical warnings: which in time created the suppression of God, honor, and love…

There will be no heroic lines in this poetic prose, it is centered on events!

We know today (2038) that back then globalism was not colossal, yet it loomed among the horizon of those times, less large than now, but like the sun peeping out of a foxhole, it was there all the time –

We had before my time, quite a large number of heroes throughout the world, devoted to, in fear of, God Almighty, and his Will.

He was after all, our Creator, this much we should concede, but even this was taken away by the new breed –

In those last days, many spoke out and said: miracles came about, especially in forms of amplification, but the new World Order gave their interpretation of such works as disproved; save, we came into narrow – mindedness; yes, a defect due to escapism; so we believed his wonders of supernaturalism.

We thought they were terrible times, but now what have we?

That turbulent period embraced between 1947 and 2038.

Hence, now we have misapprehensions, and ethical delusions, and those who rule us, the Oligarchy, we have inherited their violent passions;

They call their age: the enlightened age.

But my mind’s eye, my second mind tells me, that history tells it, that us, those things we are being told are not fact, especially by the scientific world,

That indeed they are not fact, rather theory, and what we are left with is trust, for we don’t understand! Trust, the same meaning as faith, which is the exact fact, one must hold on to God with.

They are from a hybrid race; not earthly.

We all know this: that they have ways of entering our minds,

Our mental process, and if you feel as I feel, honestly feel, the vague and terrible age upon us, that looms ahead of us, is the Age of Oligarchy – those of us left, should pray for the Age of Penitence!

This age that is ascending upon humanity, will crush us!

I am dead of course, speaking from my grave, echoing things from the year 2014, when I was sixty – seven, this is the rigmarole, of yesteryear!

And in short, we know that the historic phrase, ‘The Oligarchy,” is coined not by me, hence, it is not even in question, nor is globalization:

Words in my youth, back in 1975 – ’85, were alien to me, all this is from the earliest – know phrase: globalization, which in time will involve, which now involves, Oligarchy, or New World Order: found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

Ere, long before my time!

We knew nothing of the Agitator at first – that he was here on earth, save, he also was in the New Testament, and Old Testament, those sacred manuscripts, and thus, we were forever, forewarned of his coming:

Which mentions that he was sent, from a private source, and due in our lifetime; also, it was overlooked in our lifetime, until now…

Without discussion, the earliest – known occasion on which this private source, this leader of the Oligarchy was so designated, was in essence, the

Personification of the ancient Agitator, the one in the Garden of Eden.

The rise of his government will always remain a cause for speculation:

Historians and philosopher alike with ponder over the events: events that will be placed side by side, in social progression, or regression, but as the Bible says: it all was inevitable.

And without scientists, and atheists, and ungodly men, this social regression, – without these events, primitive oligarchy, slavery, serf slavery, would not have been a stepping – stone to the New World Order.

It was absurd, that the world needed to have such a limited government, a government by the few, the Oligarchy, it brought to the world raw Hell; it is now as you know, like the Dark Ages…

Earth was not the place for the Agitator’s son, and it remains the great curiosity, why it was chosen for the Agitator’s apparition –

To a sleeping world, unexpected and undreamed, he knew his timing.

To some of us, certitude.

Capitalism was ruled by the Oligarchy, as the finale peak of greed, and it was allowed, because greed was applauded by the Oligarchy.

They knew, decay within capitalism’s self – seeking body would bring appalling monstrous offshoots within society, and they’d be stronger for it.

And as time went on, and wars continued, the Oligarchy was established by blood, an official reality, but when you’ve had enough bloodshed,

You look for permanence, stability, certainty, in anyone who can offer it!

Thus came the revolutionists, lest we all be slain in our beds, we elected them to the high posts; and Tartarus was stunned with joy.

Some say unplanned; yet I cannot believe this, it was apparent,

A thought – out plan, one of a fine schemes in the mud – drenched trenches of Hell, long in the waiting.

First the revolt, the wars, and then the population explosion, and economic inadaptability, the environmental addictiveness for industry to do as they please, sour issues:

“Let them float, out of control,” said the Oligarchy.

Then, equal futility to allowing criminal rights go wild into the unforeseen, and less than punishment, for greediest, and most gruesome of crimes, lest it be the government, personnel.

“Ere,” said the government, “the rest will unfold, the disastrous outcome, will come, it is a matter of simply waiting – “

And the Agitator’s Ghost said: “Let the working man be selfish, and let the capitalist be selfish, the one getting the dividends, and let the government be selfish, and watch the conflict of interest develop; labor, capitol, and government… then I will step in, personally.”

And here, in those irrational times, anarchic times, many lives were lost.

And we all became laissez – faire, and allowed the devil to take the lead.

And in those days, the Government said, “Let the proletariat, wonder aimlessly, for they are of little importance.

Let them work in factories aimlessly, away from their families, life will fly by, and they will die, like the vulture, with an agonized expression on their face.”

It was clear, for fear that we’d sink now or later, and we chose later!

Yes, then came the dreadful crushing of the revolt –

Is it not said: create the chaos, and solve the problem, and you end up being the benefactor, the hero of sorts… so it was, the Oligarchy Ghost, become just that, the Agitator’s son!

“Accordingly, let the moment of danger capture the hearts and mind of those who live in certainty, and they will have hollow hearts like and empty oaks of Tartarus, and bend their knees to whomever will offer them certainty!” Said the Oligarchy Ghost!

Undoubtedly, this was their plan, executed, and now a fact of life, as we all now in this year of 2038 A.D., know! I don’t care for the new acronym A.D., is my preference, for years, thus, I use the old, it is more bold –

Now we are drowning into the ocean of blood, ere, the world – order – an acknowledgement of our past selections, it will bring a sting to our future deceptions!

Now what about the Rapture? Says the Christian, will I be taken, or left behind?

If it is the year 2038, that you are reading this, the Rapture has either taken place, or about to take place, I would think; whatever the case,

You have seven years to get your act together, you need only observe the signs of the times, as the Bible says, it will tell you.

This is a fact, a truth. We are given signs leading up to the end times, just as the Jews were given the signs in the Old Testament, for when the Messiah would come:

Let us not overlook them like they did!

Written 11 – 20 – 2014/ No: 4611.

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

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