The Secrets of Using Water Fuel to Save Diesel Consumption

There is a rumor current circulating in the internet about the technology of using water as fuel to save diesel consumption on vehicles. There were also some personal testimonials about the benefit of using water fuel to save diesel cost. With the recent fuel price hike at the local station, it is not surprising that this event has caught a lot of attention. Can water really be used to save diesel cost on our vehicles? This article will explore the hidden secrets of this unique technology.

The concept of water fuel doesn’t mean literally using water to power an engine. This is not possible because water is not combustible. The potential energy in water for vehicles is hydrogen gas (H2). From basic science, we know that water is made from 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen hence its chemical name H2O. H2 is flammable, highly potent and is excellent as an alternative energy source to save diesel consumption on a car. To extract hydrogen gas from H2O, an electrolysis device is to be attached next to the engine. When the electrolysis device is enabled, H2 bubbles will be created from water.

At present time, it is still not feasible to power a car with only hydrogen gas. The concept of water fuel is using H2 as a complementary energy source to diesel. The idea is to release the hydrogen gas generated from electrolysis into the engine air intake system. When a vehicle is moving, the H2 will be sucked into the combustion chambers and mix with diesel vapor. The end result is a smoother and stronger explosion in the engine. This is because hydrogen gas is 3 times more potent than diesel.

The secret of using water fuel to save diesel consumption is the extra power generated from the engine. In theory, when a car is using the same amount of diesel and achieving better engine output, the vehicle will travel further thus increasing its mileage. Any improvement of fuel mileage is a direct cost saving to the vehicle owner. Most people do not know that to convert a car to run on water fuel is quite simple. There are numerous conversion blue prints and guides available on the web.

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