Do it Yourself Penis Enlargement- Easy and Natural Ways to Grow Your Penis Bigger

Men tend to measure their manhood with the size of their penises and those that are not well endowed keep looking for ways to grow their penises. There are dozens of methods and techniques of male enhancement but what remains a point of concern is that most of the products being sold over the internet and otherwise are not effective and a waste of money and effort. Moreover, they tend to have a negative effect of your penile tissue often resulting in erectile dysfunction which is hard to correct.

Most Popular Methods of Male Enhancement:

Though there are a couple of products and methods that can help you gain more penile size such as pumps and weights, the only methods that do not have any sort of side effects include traction devices, exercises and natural pills. Following is a little insight into some of these methods:

Do it Yourself Penis Enlargement:

  • With a Traction Device: These devices have become quite popular off late since they are easy to use and do not require much effort on your part. All you need to do is wear the device on your member and it starts exerting pressure through traction. This exertion expands the erectile tissue over time and makes your male shaft longer and thicker. However, you need to wear this device for as long as 2-6 hours a day and this is what most men find rather impractical. Moreover, a good, clinically approved and doctor recommended device can cost up to $400 which turns out to be quite expensive. In all circumstances, I would never advice you to use a local or a cheaper version since it can lead to penile injury or disfigurement and I am sure no man would like to end up with an injured or disfigured member.
  • Exercises: Exercises are the most preferred method of male enhancement and there are millions of men worldwide who have been able to gain 3 inches and more with this method. These exercises are called Jelqs and are presumed to have been originated in Ancient Arab where young men used to perform them to gain more penile size and staying power. This technique is now accessible on the internet and you too can grow your shaft using this technique that involves using your bare hands and the right instructions to perform these exercises. By applying pressure to your shaft it is possible to expand the erectile tissue so that it’s capacity to hold blood can be increased. This results in longer and thicker erections.
  • Pills: Pills are classified into two broad categories: Drugs and Natural Pills. Drugs like Viagra are well known but they come with a host of adverse side effects. Though Viagra can treat erectile dysfunction it often makes you face some rather unpleasant side effects. One of the most severe side effects include priapism ( a state under which your penis does not return to the flaccid state). Other side effects include heart attacks, abnormally low blood pressure and even sudden death. Natural pills, on the other hand, are a far safer and better alternative. Not only do they help you treat erectile dysfunction more effectively but also help you speed up the penile enlargement process when you use them in combination with exercises. Natural pills are formulated with herbal extracts like ginseng, ginkgo, muira pauma, catuaba etc.,which have been used as aphrodisiacs for thousands of years. These pills increase blood circulation and relax blood vessels so that more blood can enter the shaft resulting in more fuller and longer lasting erections.

Exercises and Pills- The Perfect Combination: By combining these two methods you are likely to:

  • gain up to 3 inches within a relatively shorter period of time
  • enjoy firmer and longer lasting erections
  • greater semen production and better ejaculatory control
  • natural pills also enhance your sex drive and
  • speed up recovery after ejaculations so that you can have repeated sex sessions.

Check out the Natural Penis Enhancement Pills that do not have any side effects, are recommended by doctors and include free membership to one of the best exercises programs so that you can achieve maximum sexual enhancement.

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