Long Distance Cycling Challenge; Chattanooga TN to Greenville SC

Chattanooga to Greenville SC may not look so far on a map, but it is 243 miles of rough terrain and scenic beauty. Most extreme cyclists who might attempt crossing the United States by bicycle think they are kind of tough and yet once they get going we find out how tough we really are. May I recommend that you put your peddling where your mouth is and make this leg of the trek across America in one-day; Why only one day? Well because you can and because there are not so many choices for accommodations along the way.

The route its self is easy enough to negotiate; you basically stay on Highway 76 through to Dalton, GA and continue on Highway 76 through all the Forest and State Parks. Yes it is very scenic so get a sunrise start to catch it all and take it all in. Unless you are a World Class rider you cannot make this in only the daylight hours. And expect your average miles per hour to drop down drastically from what you maybe use to. Expect to be standing up and peddling on these hills as well. This is the ride and workout from hell.

There are plenty of good scenic resting stops along the way, but do not get too comfortable or use up all your supplies too early on. When you do finally get out of the heavy terrain at Mountain City (clue) and Clayton, GA you will then coast into South Carolina and you will come to Westminster. And I hate to be a masiciest but then you will head back over some more hills on Hwy 183 to the 123 and is all downhill into Greenville, SC. If you can make this ride in one day; then you are true hardcore cyclist indeed. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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