The Real Secret to Quickly Buying an Electric Scooter

If this doesn’t get you excited, then nothing will! Electric scooters can be bought for sometimes as much as 50% off if you can be just a little patient and know where to look. Electric scooters are incredibly fun these days, and they’ve seemed to have taken the world by storm. I see several of them all the time riding up and down my street here in Houston, and I’ve read that they are popular in many European countries.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there is a way to get your new electric scooter a discount using an old tactic in a slightly new way. It’s called price comparison (and a little bit patience). Yes, this is an old tactic, but it still works. And it works really well. The internet makes it really easy to do this as long as you put in just a little leg work. Here’s how I would go about looking for a new electric scooter.

1)Start at This is Google’s shopping search engine where you can look for whatever it is you need. Try searching for ‘electric scooter,’ ‘electric scooter sale’ or even ‘electric scooter discount.’ This should yield an impressive number of electric scooter retailer competing for your business. Write down the best prices and deal you see.

2)Run the same searches on regular Pay attention to the right hand side ads. Generally, the right hand side ads are ‘sponsored ads’ which vendors pay a lot of money (often over $1/click) to place their ads on the right hand side of the results for certain keyword they bid on in a sort of virtual keyword auction. Visit some sites and write down the best deals you see here.

3)Run the same searches on Pay attention to the right hand side sponsored ads. Yahoo owns Overture which handles their pay-per-click business. Often you will find different vendors advertising on Yahoo than Google. You want to compare as many different electric scooter companies as possible. They more the bestter. This is why it is worth visiting Yahoo, not just Google. Visit some sites and write down the best deals you see here.

4)Now visit eBay and run a search for ‘electric scooter’ and ‘electric scooters.’ Write down the results and watch some auctions for a week or so. Write down the prices you see things being sold for. You can usually press the ‘watch this auction’ in MyEbay as a sort of bookmark so you can watch all the sales that happen for particular items.

5)Come back in 2 weeks and do it all over again. At the end of this you will be able to know that you’ve done a lot of research and you will know where the best deals are.

Overall, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could save more than 50% on a new electric scooter doing this. After all, you did the work: you are entitled to getting paid for it. There are more tricks than this, and this isn’t all of it. But it’s a start to getting you your new electric scooter.

Source by Linda Harrison

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